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Trends in AEC to Watch Out For

Since technology shapes almost every aspect of our lives, including the way we communicate, live, and work, this means that those associated with the Architectural, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry will need to evolve to keep up with the latest ongoing trends to benefit from revolutionized digital designing, enhanced means of production, and a lot more.

Construction Project Management

From inception to completion, project managers play an integral role in ushering construction projects.

Construction Planning & Claim Related Services

ADDMORE Services facilitates expert services for successful management and resolution of construction claims. Let us facilitate you with our expert services for resolution of your claims.

Outsourcing and Its Benefits

Outsourcing your critical business processes is a popular business strategy that can combat rising operational costs and help you streamline operations.⠀

Why Cost Estimates Are Important In the AEC Industry

Construction cost estimates involve the forecast ballpark figures surrounding the total cost of building any physical structure. It is important to acknowledge the importance of having clear and accurate estimates in your construction project management.

Dream Big with ADDMORE

With 11 professional and technical services up in our roster, we realise that it can be a lot to take in. Over the next days, we will be posting about our services individually to help you get the bigger picture for each. Let us help you set goals to truly make an impact in people’s business lives. Dream Big with ADDMORE.

ADDMORE Third Party Inspections for the Fit Out and Furniture Industry

We are happy to announce that ADDMORE Services now offer third party inspections for the fit-out and furniture industry. Know what benefits this can bring to your business and find out the different inspection types that will best fit it.

Know More About ADDMORE Services

There are many important reasons why you need ADDMORE to support your business. Know more about what we do and what vital services we can provide to support you and your team. ADDMORE Services provide Construction and AutoCAD Shop Drawings, Quantity Surveying, P6 Primavera Planning & Claims, Take Offs & Cost Estimates, QA/QC, and so much more.

Managed Offshore Outsourcing

Have your own department or studio in the Philippines with our Managed Offshore Outsourcing services.

Outsource Construction Cost Estimates and Takeoffs

Let your construction projects benefit from ADDMORE’s professional cost estimates and quantity takeoffs services. We provide preliminary, detailed, quantity, and bid estimates. Do not miss on getting more project opportunities, reduce overheads to increase profitability, and have better focus on your business by working with us.

Outsource Project Management and Quality Control Services for Your Design

Improve the project management and have better quality control over your design and construction projects. Outsource to ADDMORE Services today and work with team leaders of highly qualified engineers, architects and supervisors of global expertise.

Joinery and Millwork Outsourcing

Looking for high-quality, cost efficient and accurate millwork, joinery, and furniture shop drawings for your projects? Let us lend you a hand.

Outsource Qs, Claims, and Contract Administration

Accurate Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration is critical to the success of every project. ADDMORE Services deploy tried and tested techniques to deliver projects within agreed budgets from conception to completion.

3D Architectural Rendering and Walkthroughs for Properties

Market your real estate properties in a fast and more effective way with Architectural & Products 3D Rendering plus Walkthrough services. We provide exterior and interior 3D rendering and walkthrough services with photorealistic landscaping that can effectively captivate your market.

4 Things Every Estimator Should Know About Quantity Surveying

When it comes to quantity surveying, it is important to be well-versed in uncovering opportunities to minimize expenses and provide expert advice on the implications of the clients’ requirements as well as other stakeholders’ decisions.

What are the benefits of ADDMORE Services?

Overloaded with deadlines for drawings and manpower restrictions in the estimating team, affecting the bid output?

ADDMORE is what we do

ADDMORE is what we do. Choose from the wide array of services we offer that best fit your business needs. With a global team of specialists to work with, you can be assured of high quality results for your projects.

Let us help you focus on your business

The struggle is real when you’re dealing with so much tedious work, especially when you would rather focus on your core business. Where’s the fun in that when you can sit back and let ADDMORE services support you and your team instead?

Why should you outsource for your business?

Have you ever thought of outsourcing for your business? A significant increase in efficiency, scalability, reduced labor costs are just some of the many benefits when you outsource.

AutoCAD and BIM Services

Curious about our AutoCAD and BIM Services and how we manage to provide high quality, accurate drawings, quick turnaround, clear communication and affordable pricing?

Outsourcing Made Simple with ADDMORE Services

We make outsourcing simple. ADDMORE Services provides: 1. AutoCAD & BIM 2. Construction Cost Estimates & Take Off Quantities 3. Architectural & Products 3D Rendering plus Walk-Through services 4. Project Management

Outsource with ADDMORE Services

It’s time to grow your business with us! Think Outside the Box and Outsource with ADDMORE Services.

Grow Your Business - ADDMORE Services

It’s time to grow your business with us! Think Outside the Box and Outsource with ADDMORE Services.

Quantity Takeoffs - ADDMORE Services

Do you want to win more bids by getting the most accurate quantity takeoffs for construction projects

Why You Should Outsource with ADDMORE Services

Need a reliable partner that can give you high quality service and results for your business and projects? Think Outside of the Box and OutSource with ADDMORE Services.
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