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supplementary services

project manager working with gantt chart planning, tracking milestone and deliverables and updating tasks progress, scheduling skills, on virtual screen with city background

We provide full project management teams consisting of globally qualified selected individuals with great clear communication skills to manage all aspects of design and construction projects.
We will analyze every requirement and provide flow chart, process and organizational charts to help you get a better overview and with the real-time updates of the Project Delivery and Status.

qc and qa

Inspections allow you to get an eye on what is happening at the factory when you cannot be there in person. They are also conducted following industry-standard practices like ACCEPTABLE QUALITY LIMIT (AQL) to help ensure that you get a statistically accurate picture of your shipment. They can help you uncover things like non-standard materials and deviations from specifications and they put pressure on your suppliers to manufacture products exactly to your quality specifications.

ffe ose

Finding the right furniture, fixtures, and equipment for a hotel is not a simple process and best carried out by industry professionals. We offer complete “end to end” procurement services, providing hoteliers the freedom to manage their day-to-day business while the provider works to ensure the process is smooth and the property opens on time.


We have access to highly certified interior designers who develop exceptional yet practical concept designs for commercial and residential properties. Our comprehensive service-design solutions with add-on options offer ease and flexibility for clients looking to hire the services of specialists in virtual interior design. Our virtual E-designers are experts in their craft and are trained to ensure the e-design process is as seamless and convenient for your as possible.

marine consultancy

We house top-notch consultants to provide marine consultancy services for Superyacht interior projects. We offer comprehensive solutions and support for our clients. From simple to complex projects, our team is equipped to handle all types of interior designing required for maritime projects while ensuring in-house quality control and accuracy.

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