Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration

ADDMORE provides efficient services for quantity surveying, claims, and contract administration jobs. We conduct coherent communication with our clients and offer them affordable solutions for all their project needs.

We have a team of qualified quantity surveyors who are apt at dealing with construction costs and contracts.

Our professional team delivers premium quality services on pre-contract, contract ad post-contract phases of the project work.

Our quantity surveyors are competent at managing the project’s costs, from its initiation up to its completion. Moreover, they ensure that the works proceed without exceeding the budget and a high-quality project is delivered to the client.

Their exceptional numeracy skills allow them to conduct the works in the most professional manner and ensure that the project’s quality is at par with the construction industry’s standards.

Clients can avail of our quantity surveying and contract administration services in the USA, UK, Republic Of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand And The Middle East.

Have to file a tender with a tight deadline? Professional quantity surveyors at ADDMORE Services offer accurate Bills of Quantities documents to break down the project scope by work items and quantities. From cost planning to comparing progress, planning expenses, acquiring accurate quotes, and ensuring the availability of funds, project managers and contractors can use the BOQ documents for numerous things to avoid project delays. We work with clients across the globe, especially those in the Republic of Ireland, the Middle East, the UK, New Zealand, the USA and Australia.

Our Services

  • Initial Consultation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Preparing Tender Documents
  • Tender Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Letter of Award and Contractual Documents
  • Contract Administration & Claims

Our Detailed Services

Introductory Consultation

We offer a 60-minute free consultation to discuss the concerns or challenges of a company either expanding its business or having to downsize and the impact on policies and systems that arises from these actions. Then, we can provide an in – person inspection of premises and an online review of policies and systems if well documented. The initial review can be fixed price based on the days required and then if strategic planning is required, the best method of pricing can be discussed to maximize cost efficiency for the client.

Strategic Planning

We are experienced in assisting you with company growth or restructuring plans to review the company’s strategies, policies, and procedures.

We document the proposed new plans policies in manuals, with clear workflow charts for a better understanding of the team.

We prepare handbooks for safety, HR, Project Managers, and commercial departments to have unified forms and a clear understanding of the company rules and regulations.

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.
Specialist sub-contractors and small to medium general sub-contractors can benefit from this service at a reasonable cost.

We take pride in helping to shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

For additional information, you may refer to our blog, Prepare and Plan for Growth.

Preparation of Tender Documents

  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities
  • Preparation of specification
  • Preparation of tender documents for tendering.

We offer tender document preparation, inclusive of the relevant development of the bills that have a bearing on the building costs during the pre-tender stage. We communicate with various consultants and can attend remote meetings on zoom and Skype.

We focus on the private sector and especially on specialist sub-contractors and small to medium general contractors.

Tender Evaluation and Recommendation

Invitation to tender

Evaluation of Tender price

Recommendation of tender selection

Value Engineering

We consider the cost related to production, design, maintenance, and replacement in our Engineering analysis.

Our team has excellent experience in this field in Fabric, veneer, and stone, which maintain the design intent and are most cost-effective in the interior design and fit-out sector.

Preparation of Letter of Award and Contractual Documents

Relevant letters and documents are submitted to the General contractor after detailed review and evaluation.

The documents and letter serve to outline the financial and legal issues to be agreed upon between all the parties involved in the tender award stage prior to the commencement of construction works.

We can review all project documents and eligibility of a claim and prepare a detailed claim with all supporting documents.

Contract Administration

A building project during the construction stage needs good contract administration to manage, contractual agreement, design specification, competitive tendering, cost control, evaluation, final accounts, claims, and even disputes.

Poor management in any of these aspects would lead to unnecessary disputes and, ultimately, higher construction costs.

Progress claims, management of variation claims, preparation of subcontract documents, and account finalization are a part of our detailed services.

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