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ADDMORE has expanded its horizons to combine expert construction planning services to our pre-existing claim services to help businesses report, plan, and monitor all resources, costs, and activities related to the project, using Primavera P6.

Our team can work with you to create a robust, in-depth project plan that is exhaustive in terms of resources, sequencing, budget, responsibilities, and activities needed to be undertaken.

Once ADDMORE Services LLC. establishes an agreeable project plan, we can report the performance and monitor progress regularly to ensure successful and timely project completion. P6 enables our team to precisely identify areas that may need improvement, manage the project’s overall progress, and propose prompt alternative mitigation and solutions.

We are ecstatic and look forward to meeting you online to explain how our team’s planning capabilities can add more value to your project, regardless of the sector of the construction industry.

Planning Services

Create The Project

Regardless of the scalability of a construction project, businesses should always begin by laying out their feasibility and resources required to complete the job. Project Initiation Document is a great way to start. It generally consists of the following:
This includes the number of subcontractors’ important materials and workers needed for the completion of the project.
This involves the total cost of the project, such as fees, materials, permits, and labor. This document is typically used to outline all resources needed for the project’s timely completion, both for the crew and stakeholders.

Track The Performance

Many successful project managers rely on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to monitor the performance of a project. Here are some widely used KPIs:

Determining whether the project is proceeding smoothly or there are some obstacles that need to be addressed.

Evaluating whether the project is on track and within the budget

While the team may be on schedule in achieving the set milestones, it is critical to analyze whether the quality of work is up to the mark.

Draft An Initial Plan

This step involves turning the PID into a more concrete plan. This involves setting C.L.E.A.R and S.M.A.R.T goals that will aid in devising a broader strategy, useful for the successful execution of the project.

Take a quick look to C.L.E.A.R out any confusion.

It requires getting every personnel on board. It is recommended to hold an official meeting before the project’s commencement to lay out everything expected from them to identify any potential obstacles.

You need to limit goals, both in terms of time frame and scope, so that no one involved gets overwhelmed.

You should ensure that all your personnel feel aligned with your goals – enthusiastic and onboard to achieve them.

Delegate achievable tasks and appreciate workers when they achieve small goals so that they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Since no one can predict exactly what may happen on sites, ensure to leave room for some flexibility.

Now let’s looking at getting S.M.A.R.T.


Set particular goals for key milestones and achieving the deadlines.

Devise and choose a way to measure the goals’ success.

 Ensure you have a solid plan of ways you are going to achieve your goals. If the project’s completion depends on the availability of a particular material that isn’t available at the quantity when you may need it, ensure to adjust it or have a backup plan beforehand.

  As a construction manager, always make sure that your goals align with your capabilities. Let’s say your project includes getting plumbing work done within a month; whereas you have never been able to achieve the unrealistic goal for a project of this size, don’t set up yourself for predestined failure.

 Lay out a realistic time frame that is achievable.

Execute The Plan

When executing the plan, start with a meeting with the personnel involved and go over the entire plan before assigning them responsibilities. These meetings are crucial for your project’s successful execution, as without buy-in from the team, the plan is most likely to fail.

Tracking the team’s performance is extremely critical to ensure the pre-set parameters are being met. In case the project turns out to be problematic, performance tracking enables you to figure out what went wrong so that the same issue does not cause more plans to fail in the future.

Execute The Plan

Now is the time to hold a final meeting with the team to discuss the overall performance. You can conduct a brainstorming session and encourage the crew to open up and suggest ideas that would have made the entire process more efficient – make sure you take extensive notes!

Create a final contrasting budget to compare it with the initial budget before formally closing the project with a project report that you will need to share with the prime stakeholders.

Challenges Arise.

The tactics you use to resolve the challenges promptly make all the difference. Seasoned professionals at ADDMORE possess extensive knowledge and experience in analyzing, identifying, and preparing disputes and claims for engineering and construction projects across the globe. When, due to any unfortunate event, a claim arises, our team plays their part in assisting you in validating or assessing quantification and entitlement of damages. This enables the timely and successful resolution of the claim.

Our team has analyzed and prepared claims for clients worldwide and can assist you in identifying, quantifying, analyzing, and presenting any claims and disputes that may arise during the construction project. They are well-equipped with the resources and skills needed to provide support while validating or assessing the plaintiff’s entitlement with the ultimate goal of promoting resolution.

Our consultants analyze the contractual obligations and performance of all parties throughout the duration of engineering or construction so that they can accurately quantify damages, identify any liabilities, and assist in resolving the dispute in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Construction Claim Services

  • Construction arbitration, litigation, mediation support
  • Claims avoidance and mitigation
  • Productivity impact evaluations
  • Risk quantification and evaluation
  • Claims identification
  • Unforeseen and differing site conditions
  • Assessment of damages
  • Acceleration claims
  • Wrongful contract suspension or termination
  • Construction methods and means
  • Claim presentation and preparation

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