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Cost Estimation & Takeoffs

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ADDMORE provides accurate cost estimates and takeoffs, with quick turnaround, scalability and clear communication for architectural and interior fit-out construction projects.

We are committed to delivering premium services on pre-contract, contract and post-contract works.

Our team leaders of highly qualified quantity surveyors and contract specialists with a global experience in the construction industry will ensure that in-house quality control and accuracy is always a priority.

Our Services

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Introductory Consultation

We review what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing the best. We then strategize using smart tools and our global resources to better understand the implications of the choices our clients make.

Strategic Planning

We document the proposed new plans, policies in manuals with clear workflow charts for a better understanding of the team. We prepare handbooks for Safety, HR, Project Managers and Commercial departments to have unified forms and clear understanding of the company rules and regulations. With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to help take your business to the next level.

Pre-contract – Takeoffs & Cost Estimating

Quantity Takeoff

A quantity takeoff includes a list of quantities for all materials needed to complete a project. Its purpose is to give the client a complete list of all the quantities required for the project. A digital software is utilized to take the measurements which will provide a colored or rendered drawing sets indicating the areas measured with a legend for the colors and the quantities.

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Preliminary Estimate [Rough Order of Magnitude-ROM]

Preliminary estimates are approximate estimates, giving a ballpark idea of how much a project will cost. A ROM is often based on a square foot / square meter takeoff.

Detailed Estimate

Detailed estimates include incredibly detailed information on quantities, costs and rates – in fact, all items necessary to complete the project. All the line items are added together to reach the final cost.

Another service that can be provided on the client or the general contractors’ behalf is to oversee the full tender process, not estimate the works.

Preparation of Tender Documents

We provide tender document preparation, inclusive of the relevant development of bills that have bearing on the building costs during the pre-tender stage.

Tender Evaluation and Recommendation

·Invitation to tender

·Evaluation of tenders price

·Recommendation of tenderer selection

Preparation of Letter of Award and Contractual Documents

·Relevant letters and documents are issued to the appointed General Contractor after detailed review and evaluation. The letters and documents serve to outline the legal and financial issues to be agreed upon between the two parties or more during the tender award stage prior to the commencement of construction works.

Post Contract

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Contract Administration

A building project during the construction stage needs good contract administration to manage design specification, contractual agreement, competitive tendering, evaluation, cost control, variations, final accounts, claims and even disputes.

Value Engineering

We consider the cost related to production, design, maintenance and replacement in our Engineering analysis.

Planning & Claims

ADDMORE has expanded its horizons to combine expert construction planning services to our pre-existing claim services to help businesses report, plan, and monitor all resources, costs, and activities related to the project, using Primavera P6. Our team can work with you to create a robust, in-depth project plan that is exhaustive in terms of resources, sequencing, budget, responsibilities, and activities needed to be undertaken.

Once we an agreeable project plan, we can report the performance and monitor progress regularly to ensure successful and timely project completion. P6 enables our team to precisely identify areas that may need improvement, manage the project’s overall progress, and propose prompt alternative mitigation and solutions.

Construction Claim Services

-Construction arbitration, litigation, mediation support

-Claims avoidance and mitigation

-Productivity impact evaluations

-Risk quantification and evaluation

-Claims identification

-Unforeseen and differing site conditions

-Assessment of damages Acceleration claims

-Wrongful contract suspension or termination

-Construction methods and means

-Claim presentation and preparation

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