Construction Cost Estimates and Take Offs

ADDMORE provide accurate takeoffs and estimates, quick turnaround, Scalability and clear communication for architectural and interior fit-out construction projects in one or all of the following formats:

  1. Preliminary Estimate

Preliminary estimates are approximate estimates. This is because they are not final—they give a ballpark idea of how much a project will cost.

A preliminary estimate is made at the very beginning of a project when there’s limited information available.

  1. Detailed Estimate

A business can convert a preliminary estimate to a detailed estimate. A detailed estimate is drawn up when there’s more information available or the scope of the project is better known.

Detailed estimates include incredibly detailed information on quantities, costs and rates—in fact, all items necessary to complete the project. All the line items are added together to reach the final cost.

Besides these line items, detailed estimates can also include:

  • Information on the rates used to calculate costs
  • Specifications
  • Drawings for the areas included in the project (including an index and key)

Detailed estimates are often used as a contractor’s budget estimate. This planning tool helps him know how much cash flow he needs and whether he requires financing.

  1. Quantity Estimate

A quantity estimate includes a list of quantities for all materials needed to complete a project. Its purpose is to give the client a complete list of all the quantities required for the project and what the cost will be for each quantity. It is a key estimating method in construction.

  1. Bid Estimate

A bid estimate is submitted to a potential client in hopes of winning a project i.e. to provide the best price to hopefully outbid competitors.

We will analyze your plans and provide measurement only and/or pricing in an Excel file with attached marked-up drawings to help you get a better overview of the quantities and costs before you start the project.

Our team leaders of highly qualified quantity surveyors and Estimators with a global experience of using Plan swift and On-Screen take off or other digital estimating software that will ensure in-house quality control and accuracy is always a priority.

We offer our services globally but primarily in the USA, UK, Middle East and Australia.

Our Project Types





Adaptive Reuse


Takeoffs are time intensive and require experience and skillsets that we can provide and help you

We currently provide takeoffs for the following CSI Divisions:

  • Division 05 – Metals
  • Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, Composites
  • Division 07 – Thermal Moisture Protection
  • Division 08 – Openings
  • Division 09 – Finishes
  • Division 10 – Specialties
  • Division 11 – Equipment
  • Division 12 – Furnishings

Benefits to outsourcing takeoffs

Focus on your company.

Enabling your estimating team to work more efficiently and focus on other priorities for your company

More Projects

More projects can be bid in a shorter timeframe this will increase your bid/win ratio


Scalability of outsourcing means no need to hire additional staff to accommodate fluctuations in market bids. Reduced overheads will increase profitability.

Scalability of outsourcing means no need to hire additional staff to accommodate fluctuations in market bids. Reduced overheads will increase profitability.