Construction Cost Estimates and Take Offs

ADD MORE provides clients with take-offs, estimates, direct communication, and scalability for architectural and interior fit-out projects in the construction industry.

  • Preliminary Estimate

Preliminary Estimates are also called ballpark estimates. Such an estimate gives a rough approximation of how much a project will cost.

Preliminary estimates are usually made at the very beginning of the project when there’s a limited source of information available.

  • Detailed Estimate

A preliminary estimate progresses into a detailed estimate. It’s usually available when the project’s scope is known and more information is made available to the outsourcing team.

Detailed estimates provide all-inclusive information on the costs and quantities of almost all the items needed to complete the project. The price of each item is considered to arrive at the final cost of the entire project.

Contractors use detailed estimates as their budget estimates. This allows them to know how much cash flow is needed to proceed with the project and whether additional financing is needed or not.

  • Quantity Estimate

Quantity estimates are central to every project. Apart from the list of items needed for the project, a list of quantities is crucial for a project’s completion.

These estimates evaluate the quantities of each item that the contractor will need in the project.

  • Bid Estimate

Bid estimates are submitted to clients in the hope of winning a project. Bid estimate calculates the costs, quantities, overheads at a price that’ll hopefully outbid other competitors.

We analyze your plans, requirements, and demands and draft estimates in an Excel file. This helps our clients get a better overview of the quantities and costs involved in their projects.

Our leading team of surveyors and estimators is well versed in using digital estimating software such as Plan Swift and On-Screen Take-offs. This gives us an edge over other competitors in the market and ensures that our in-house quality control and accuracy are unmatchable.

Our services can be availed globally, but primarily in the USA, UK, Republic Of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand And The Middle East.

Our Project Types





Adaptive Reuse


Takeoffs are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our outsourcing team has extensive expertise and the right skill set that can expedite your projects’ completion.

We currently provide take-offs in the following CSI divisions:

  • Division 05 – Metals
  • Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, Composites
  • Division 07 – Thermal Moisture Protection
  • Division 08 – Openings
  • Division 09 – Finishes
  • Division 10 – Specialties
  • Division 11 – Equipment
  • Division 12 – Furnishings

Benefits of Outsourcing

Focus On Core Areas of Your Company

With an outsourcing company, you don’t need to hire additional staff and bear the overhead expenses. Reduced overheads guarantee profitability in your business.

More Projects

Outsourcing boosts your company’s efficiency and allows you to complete the same projects within a shorter time frame. You can bid on more projects and increase your bid/win ratio.


With an accomplished team working on your projects, this enables you to focus on other core areas of your company.

Scalability of outsourcing means no need to hire additional staff to accommodate fluctuations in market bids. Reduced overheads will increase profitability.