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Expert AutoCAD 2D & 3D Services by ADDMORE: Transforming Visions into Precision 

Elevate your architectural and interior fit-out projects with our commitment to accuracy, quick turnaround, transparent communication, and budget-friendly pricing. 


Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs: 

1. In-Depth Analysis: 

   We begin by thoroughly analyzing your requirements. Our team provides CAD files and high-resolution modeling images, allowing you to visualize your project before it commences. 

2. Global Expertise: 

   Led by highly qualified architects and interior designers with global experience, our team employs cutting-edge digital drawing and rendering software. In-house quality control and accuracy are our top priorities. 

3. Expanded Service Portfolio: 

   In addition to our core services, we offer: 

   – Design Development: 

     Transform your ideas into detailed designs. 

   – BIM (Building Information Modeling): 

     Enhance collaboration and efficiency in the design and construction process. 

      – Project Consultation and Support: 

     Benefit from expert guidance and support throughout your project’s lifecycle. 


Our Services

    • Free Hand Sketch/Scan Images to 2D Architecture or Interior Drawings Conversion: Transform your concepts into precise 2D drawings with our skilled conversion services. 

    • 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion: Elevate your designs with our seamless 2D to 3D conversion services. 

    • Correcting CAD Standards: Ensure consistency and compliance by having our team correct and align your CAD standards. 

    • Shop Drawings: We specialize in producing detailed shop drawings for architectural joinery, millwork, dimensional stone, tiling, terrazzo, and other subcontractors. 

    • Fabrication/Manufacturing Drawings and Cutsheets: Our services extend to creating cutsheets, loading lines, and packing lists. 

    • Slab/Sheet Usage Diagram and Photo Mapping: Enhance your dimensional stone projects with detailed slab/sheet usage diagrams and photo mapping. 

    • As-Built Drawings and Manuals: Capture the essence of completed projects with our meticulous as-built drawings and comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals. 

    • 3D Rendering: Immerse your stakeholders in your vision with our 3D rendering services, covering exterior and interior home rendering, townhomes, night renderings, 2D floor plans, 3D floor plans, site plans, and brochures. 

    • 3D Walkthrough: Bring your designs to life with our immersive 3D walkthrough experiences. 

    • 3D Product Renderings: From product shots to lifestyle scenes, our 3D product renderings add a touch of realism to your designs.

    Ready to Transform Your Ideas into Reality? 

    Book a quotation now and take the first step toward bringing your vision to life. At ADDMORE Services, we don’t just provide AutoCAD solutions; we craft experiences that transcend the ordinary. Partner with us for creativity, precision, and innovation in every project. 

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