Architectural Construction Drawings & Documentation Services

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Construction Documentation Services

Architectural Construction Drawings comprise comprehensive drawing sets, either extracted from a Revit model or created using AutoCAD, to be used for on-site construction. Such drawings are crucial for timely and precise building constructions as they enable accurate, standardized, and detailed representations of every minute detail. This helps mitigate errors that can lead to potentially significant losses in terms of money, time, and other resources. It is also crucial that all codes and standards that may be applicable to the location are kept in mind while proceeding with construction documentation.

BIM has enabled the creation of construction documents using a 3D clash-free model. This means that architects can ensure a construction project is on track by tagging and annotating, obtaining plan section elevations, and adding intricate detailing.

Another advantage boasted by BIM is that it is parametric in nature. This means that any changes made in the 3D model will automatically reflect in the areas, elevations, sections, and plan pertaining to the specific located thereby saving time and making drafting or other last-minute modifications or changes relatively convenient. Revit and similar BIM software’s used to extract working drawing sets also drastically enhance the overall accuracy and quality.

We Develop Construction Drawings and Documentation For Engineers, Contractors, And Fabricators.

We house a team of skilled civil engineers, architects, BIM specialists, and CAD drafters that work as a collaborative team to develop comprehensive construction documents that enable effective material takeoffs, scheduling, coordination and fabrication among MEP engineers and RFIs.

ADDMORE helps contractors and builders by taking the complete construction stages to cost-efficient, automated methods. They achieve this by redefining site procedures through documents generated digitally via cutting-edge graphics, 3D models, and software.

Our intelligently developed BIM-ready 3D models enable the extraction of work orders. RFIs and other bills to ensure clash-free activities and a seamless workflow amongst the several disciplines of construction projects.

ADDMORE’s construction documentation services comprise of:

  • Detailed 2D CAD drawings for elevation, sections, foundation and floor plans, framing plans, exterior detailing, and more.
  • Shop drawings for structural details, prefabricated assemblies, cross-sections, and reinforcements for steel structures.
  • Plumbing drawings, duct fabrication drawings, and layout drawings for lighting.
  • Electrical panel schedules, service diagrams, and plans
  • Calculations for electrical and engineering load.

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