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Our services are structured into four divisions, each specializing in distinct areas to ensure that we cater to every aspect of your requirements.

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Architectural, Interior Design, and Shop Drawings

Our skilled and talented team of architects and engineers takes immense pride in delivering production house drafting through innovative architectural and interior design technical solutions.

ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS: We provide DD, CD, As-built, clean-up drawings and scheduling for doors, hardware, finishings and sanitaryware. We prepare technically precise drawings, ensuring your concept and vision are communicated clearly and concisely.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Our production house drafting team consists of interior designers, architects and engineers specializing in support drawing services.

SHOP DRAWINGS: We create comprehensive, easy-to-follow shop drawings, allowing quick and efficient fabrication and installation on site.

Pre and Post Construction
Quantity Surveying and Estimating

Our experienced team of surveyors and estimators offers a comprehensive range of services to manage costs efficiently and facilitate smooth construction project execution, including:

COST ESTIMATIONOur experts provide accurate cost estimations for your projects, enabling better budget planning and control over project finances.

BILL OF QUANTITIES (BOQ)We thoroughly prepare the BOQ to minimize discrepancies and facilitate a clear understanding of project scope, materials, and costs.

POST CONSTRUCTION ANALYSIS: We review and analyze completed projects for lessons learned that can contribute to streamlining future projects and minimizing financial risk.

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Virtual Studio

2D TO 7D SERVICESADDMORE Virtual Studio provides customized architectural drafting services and visualization from 2D to 7D as per requirement.

CO-ORDINATION & CLASH DETECTIONOur customized clash reporting format, clash tracking system and accurate detection of clashes makes it one of the most desired services.

LASER SCAN TO BIMDepending on the project and the use of BIM on the project, we optimize the level of detail in which the point cloud information is converted to Revit. This is further converted into BIM 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D models.

FAMILY CREATIONWe create, extract, standardize & manage BIM content including 2D Drafting Details, 3D Components, Project files, Furniture, and more.

Business Process Outsourcing

ADDMORE Outsourcing is a BPO division of ADDMORE Services that partners with various international companies who like to optimize their operations with value-filled resources. Our key focus is to provide efficient services and solutions, streamlining the workflow of our clients, thereby enhancing their business efficiency, productivity and profit.

Our delivery models are Offshore Outsourcing, Staff Leasing and Project-Based Solutions. We help you decide which among your business processes are suitable to be outsourced in order to develop the ideal outsourcing structure for your company.

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Project Management

quality control & quality assurance

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

ff&e and os&e procurement solutions

FF&E and OS&E Procurement Solutions



marine consultancy

Marine Consultancy

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We charge based on the pricing option selected.
  • Hourly Rates
  • Project and Output Based
  • Offshore Staff Leasing – Minimum 3 Months
  • Managed Offshore Staff Outsourcing – Minimum 1 year

ADDMORE professional and technical services to support your team

We house a team of specialists in their professions and can manage multiple projects of varying sizes at any one time.

Kindly fill up all the needed details for us to be able to quote your projects accurately and for you to see the 50-70% savings you can make by outsourcing our services.

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