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asl four pillars



AutoCAD 2D & 3D, BIM (LOD100 to 450), Cost Estimation & Takeoffs, Architectural Drawings are the four pillars that are supporting all business services ADDMORE provides and are the primary services offered.

drawing plan in cad using white paper and computers

ADDMORE offers premium-quality AutoCAD and BIM services while ensuring affordable rates and a quick turnaround time. Our team has extensive experience working on several design and architectural projects. Our team’s expertise has developed over time, enabling them to provide accurate and precise modeling images and drawings.

bim (100 to 450)

ADDMORE Virtual Studio offers 360 AEC Services for the entire lifecycle of the building, from 2D to 7D Services, Co-ordination and Clash Detection, Laser Scan to BIM, Family Creation, and Consulting. Our team of professionals are committed in helping you plan and design for your construction projects and manage buildings and infrastructure.

discussing blueprint

ADDMORE houses a team of professional estimators or quantity surveyors to determine the quantities of work included in the overall scope of a project after carefully analyzing the plans and objectives. They help to obtain a complete overview of costs before the commencement of the project. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with global experience in using cutting-edge digital estimating software to ensure quality and accuracy..

yellow helmet of architects above whiter paper of cad drawing

ADDMORE provides comprehensive construction drawings and documentation for engineers, contractors, and fabricators. Our team uses AutoCAD or Revit to extract drawing sets that are crucial for the precise and timely completion of projects. We can help mitigate errors while enabling accurate, standardized, and detailed representations of every minute detail, leading to aversion to potentially significant losses in money, time, and other resources.

project manager working with gantt chart planning, tracking milestone and deliverables and updating tasks progress, scheduling skills, on virtual screen with city background

Project Management

quality control & quality assurance

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

ff&e and os&e procurement solutions

FF&E and OS&E Procurement Solutions



marine consultancy

Marine Consultancy

interior view of a professional beautiful building


We charge based on the pricing option selected.
  • Hourly Rates
  • Project and Output Based
  • Offshore Staff Leasing – Minimum 3 Months
  • Managed Offshore Staff Outsourcing – Minimum 1 year
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