Not Cost

We will evaluate every job based on the brief and information provided and can work in two ways :

  1. We will provide a schedule of rates for the staff and then submit weekly times sheets for payment within 7 days from date of invoice issue. The timesheets will detail the works carried out in the hours per day and be an accurate record of the time taken.
  2. We can assess the total number of hours to execute the works and then guarantee the hours will not exceed a 10% Variance unless a Change order issued by the Client.

All works will require a general retainer of 25% of the estimated cost then typically 50% when the drawings or take off’s issued for client review with ADDMORE watermark and only in PDF the soft copy Files will be released after all Client comments are incorporated and Final Payment to be released within 7 days of the date of invoice issue.

We will issue our proposal in Letter format with our General terms and conditions which take precedent over any Purchase Order terms and conditions.

We will issue our General retainer agreement once you have issued the Purchase Order or email confirmation of our Proposal pricing. When the retainer is duly signed and returned ( via DocuSign ) we will activate the project upon receipt of the retainer payment cleared in our  Bank Account.

Our proposals will always clearly state the price the timeframe to complete the works and the software’s being used.

In relation to Quality Control,  Project Management services and any field, offsite inspections/visits the Payment terms will be reviewed as per the duration of the works and mutually agreed before proceeding.

We respect our client’s confidentiality and are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).