ADDMORE Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does it work?

You provide detailed plans via email or dropbox ( or similar )

We will need a full and complete set of drawings and a clear written brief

On your requirements and expectations

If there are conflicts in documents we will raise a Request for Information ( RFI )

We can also provide a list of detailed assumptions in case the RFI process is too lengthy

We will provide a proposal with price per hour/lump sum and time frame to do the works via DocuSign which has our General Terms and Conditions clearly detailed ( Please refer to the Pricing Section to review the terms )

Once we receive the signed DocuSign documentation and advance payment we will commence the works.

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Will you customize your services for our particular needs?

We can include or exclude any items you specify. We can also change our default template to meet your requirements.

If you provide soft copy files we can use your formats to enable your immediate issue upon receipt.

What is the cost?

We charge based on the pricing Option selected

  • Hourly Rates
  • Project and Output Based
  • Offshore Staff Leasing – Minimum 3 Months
  • Managed Offshore Staff Outsourcing – Minimum 1 year
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To which countries do you provide your service?

We are a Global service provider but the primary markets are USA, UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East.

However, our extensive international experience enables us to work in most countries.

What is your turnaround time?

We work six days a week and with our large team can provide exceptional turnaround times.

Timeframes vary due to the scope of the works, size and complexity

We deliver projects on deadlines agreed as a matter of Commitment to our written word.

What software’s do you use?

We use PLANSWIFT as our primary software but can work with On-screen take-off and Bluebeam.

For Architectural service, we use Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit for estimating we use quick bid and customized excel estimating sheets.

Do you have a Health & Safety policy?

It is the policy of ADDMORE SERVICES LLC to provide a safe place of employment for each and every employee, subcontractor, client and visitor.

It is our policy to follow all operating practices and procedures in a safe, clean, and healthy manner.

  • ADDMORE SERVICES LLC will continually build and expand our safety efforts through training and management’s and employee’s commitment and involvement at all levels of the company.
  • It is our policy to make aware one another of the dangers of working in the environment which exists in our
  • ADDMORE SERVICES LLC will make every effort to prevent injuries resulting from accidents and incidents and to eliminate unsafe acts or other conditions that may occur in the workplace.
  • ADDMORE SERVICES LLC will make all possible efforts to the prevention of accidents, fire prevention and health concerns at all projects and work
  • ADDMORE SERVICES LLC is committed to:
    • Provide a safe means to entry and egress at the work
    • Identify all potential dangers in the workplace through hazard identification and risk assessment with the use of appropriate control measures for risk arising from all work activities
    • Document and investigate all incidents and near misses in order to prevent another reoccurrence.
    • Have all employees appropriately trained to assure all employees have the skills to carry out their job task competently and
  • ADDMORE SERVICES LLC will comply with all regulatory organizations, such as OSHA/NIOSH/ANSI/ACGI, whose sole purpose is to promote a safe and healthy working
  • ADDMORE SERVICES LLC will monitor the performances of each employee and evaluate work sites. Jobsite audits will be done on regular intervals to assure that
  • ADDMORE SERVICES LLC`s commitment to a Healthy and Safe working.
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