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How Does Outsourcing Affect Your Current Employees?

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When an organization partners with a BPO company to handle some of its processes, it is known as outsourcing. When the task is outsourced to a team in another country, such as the Philippines, it is called offshoring.

Businesses outsource specific tasks, lease staff, hire virtual assistants, and set up offshore teams or departments to reap all sorts of benefits. Here are some reasons businesses around the globe are choosing to remain productive by outsourcing to reliable vendors, such as ADDMORE Services.

Top Reasons Businesses Outsource Tasks

professionals working in a bpo office

#1- Cost-Efficiency

Outsourcing a task proves to be relatively less expensive than hiring a qualified in-house team to complete the job. This especially holds true for cases where the work can be outsourced to countries like the Philippines, where highly experienced professionals can get the job done at lower rates without compromising one bit on the quality.

#2- Access to Top Talent

A primary reason businesses might opt for outsourcing is to gain access to the skills of professionals they would not be able to work with otherwise. SMEs, for instance, might not have enough resources to hire experienced certified professionals. They can afford to outsource and get the job done by industry professionals at a much cheaper cost than if they tried to hire in-house.

#3- Time Zone Advantage

Many companies have found they could get more work done in less time by outsourcing the job to people in different time zones. For example, a company based in the United States can offer round-the-clock service to its customers by outsourcing to BPO companies with access to professionals in the Philippines. They can turn in projects faster if work is being done when your in-house team is recharging overnight.

#4- Financial Incentives and Tax Benefits

Offshoring destinations like the Philippines frequently offer financial incentives and tax holidays to attract foreign investments. It is an excellent opportunity for foreign organizations to invest in a competent workforce that helps stimulate business growth. This helps companies remain viable in an increasingly competitive and globalized marketplace.

However, while many businesses are already enjoying the many benefits offered by outsourcing and offshoring, some people are still skeptical about the thought of adding offshore staff to their teams.

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A major argument about outsourcing is that it takes away job opportunities from the locals. Contrary to the widespread misconception, outsourcing is not about firing in-house employees but about hiring additional offshore teams to supplement the in-house employees so that the business can operate more efficiently. The truth is that it can be significantly beneficial for current employees. Keep reading to find out how.

#1- Gives the Opportunity to Upskill

Upskilling benefits the business as well as the workers looking to achieve personal and professional growth. It helps increase client satisfaction and improve retention rates. The workers can enjoy a newfound sense of purpose within the company, making them feel motivated to work hard and achieve more when they feel happier with their roles.

#2- Reduces Workload

Reaching goals becomes impossible when the staff is bombarded with overwhelming workloads. Outsourcing helps significantly reduce workloads. If you are looking for proven ways to boost productivity while not making the in-house team feel overworked, outsourcing is the way to go.

#3- Allows Focusing on Bigger Responsibilities

Gone are the days when the term ‘workforce’ meant a group of overworked employees typing in four corners of the office. Technological advancement has enabled business owners to hire skilled workers from anywhere in the world for as much time as they need.

When you outsource some tasks to team ADDMORE Services, your in-house team can focus on improving growth and development strategies or taking on new and additional projects. It allows you to utilize their full potential to see the business expand just as you envisioned.

Working with us will be a smooth, well-coordinated, hassle-free, and efficient experience.

We bring years of experience in multiple offshore outsourcing services to streamline profit-driven and optimized results for businesses in the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Australia, the Middle East, and various other countries worldwide.

Our outsourcing and offshoring solutions include architectural drafting services, architectural 3D visualization services, construction project management, 2D and 3D CAD drafting Services, real estate rendering, construction cost estimates, Revit design services, Primavera modeling services, takeoff estimating services, Building Information Modelling services, and more.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our cost-efficient packages for multiple engagement models before you pick the one that suits your and your company’s goals.

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