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How Organizations are Getting Ahead in the New Global War for Talent

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The pandemic seems to be losing the intensity, but the economic devastations it has caused are likely to spill over into many fiscal years ahead. Companies worldwide are trying to cut back on costs while attempting to attract and retain skilled professionals. One way to achieve cost-efficiency is to go remote by offshoring and outsourcing to countries where talent is less expensive.

Professionals with the right skills are available somewhere in the wide world. All companies need to do is to find them and adapt to virtual and remote teams. Corporate strategists are envisioning a fluid workforce spread across countries, time zones, and continents to fully maximize the competitive advantage. There is a rising need for companies to streamline teams with people who are versatile and quick to adapt to the ever-evolving demands and needs of the business world.

How Team ADDMORE Can Help

ADDMORE Services works with a range of highly skilled professionals known for providing flexibility and agility as per your business needs. Whether you are looking for staff augmentation, offshoring solutions, or dedicated professionals for fixed-scope projects, team ADDMORE can help you develop innovative working tactics required to power your business and steer it towards success. Let’s look at a few reasons to partner with us!


#1- Lower Salary Costs

Skilled professionals in the Philippines are touted as the best in the industry. However, the compensation difference is significant in the offshore destination compared to the gross salary paid to professionals in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, and many other regions worldwide. The varied labor costs mean your business can benefit from savings on salaries and allocate those funds to other business operations while working with highly-qualified and experienced professionals.


#2- Round-the-Clock Business Operations

Having a team both offshore and onshore helps boost productivity. Your offshore team can cover time zones not covered by the in-house team, allowing for a continuous workflow that helps deliver projects faster. It also helps increase client satisfaction as they know they can rely on your ability to deliver outclass projects within budget and on time.

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#3- Financial Incentives and Tax benefits

Offshoring destinations like the Philippines frequently offer financial incentives and tax holidays to attract foreign investments. It is an excellent opportunity for foreign organizations to invest in a competent workforce that helps stimulate business growth. This helps companies remain viable in an increasingly competitive and globalized marketplace.


#4- Access to New Opportunities

Offshore solutions are a great way to explore new opportunities in the host country. Your Filipino team can help you find new perspectives, markets, and prospects. Cultural and local industry practices can be adapted to better connect to the new markets. Since these teams live and work there, they can give helpful insights into the buyer persona. With their input and help, you can identify where to make profitable investments for the next venture.

The ADDMORE Services Difference

ADDMORE Services understands the perils of the global talent war. Our BPO company is dedicated to helping you find the right solutions to navigate the global talent shortage. Let our qualified professionals handle everything.


We have onboarded each one of them after a rigorous assessment and hiring process to ensure they possess the right skills needed to get the job done efficiently. All you need to do is choose from our talent pool or schedule a consultation with us to discuss your goals.


Reach your business goals by choosing our offshoring and outsourcing solutions. We offer many services, including takeoff estimating, quantity surveying, BIM services, Revit design services, 2D and 3D CAD drafting services, construction project management, architectural drafting services, and Primavera modeling services. Request a quote to get started.

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