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How To Get Precise MEP Takeoffs and Cost Estimates For Your Projects

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Quantity or material takeoffs can be time-consuming, but they are integral components of an estimation process for any project type or scale, including commercial and residential projects. With nearly 47% of the construction costs leaning towards MEP designs, fabrications, and installations, the MEP estimators and contractors must ascertain accurate project costs.


Ensuring project profitability is the core purpose of MEP estimators. Depending on the project’s complexity, MEP estimators and contractors sometimes face many challenges in deriving accurate cost estimates by extracting a comprehensive list of materials. These could impact bottlenecks, leading to unexpected workflow gaps and cost variations. Here are a few recommendations for MEP professionals to win more bids with effective, accurate, and transparent cost estimates and takeoffs produced at pace.

#1- Improvement of Information Sufficiency Through Collaboration and Communication

The creation of extensive data volumes could be quite challenging. However, estimators must build robust communication channels to generate stronger bids.


Clash-free and coordinated 3D BIM enriched with costs and takeoffs serve as the single source of truth for multiple stakeholders. Higher collaboration through cloud-based platforms leads to greater efficiency, allowing multiple teams to access complete, accurate, and updated files.  

#2- Centralized Estimation with Cloud-Based Tools  

Collaboration and communication are key to improving data consistency. Using assistive cloud-based tools, MEP estimators and contractors could leverage model-extracted drawings to save time and cost.


Improved document management offers exclusive insights for estimators working in remote locations and on multiple projects. Centralizing the data helps improve constructively by enhancing the workflows.

#3- Promote Team Cohesion with Comprehensively Built Workflows

BIM-based workflows reinforced with Revit and similar tools help MEP estimators and contractors analyze data across multiple MEP drawings. Teams can easily access critical metrics due to this complete interoperability across the cloud, allowing for more accurate cost estimations and takeoffs.

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#4- Process Higher Bid Volumes by Adopting BIM Automation

MEP contractors win a little over 23% of the submitted bids. Teams must consider using automation tools for construction cost estimation to improve bid winning probabilities. Outsourcing MEP estimating to professionals helps draw on the capabilities of automated software, allowing for the elimination of redundant tasks. Reducing manual processes augments bid efficiencies and helps lower errors. When information is accessed through the Revit library, it allows greater precision through customized dimensions and manufacturing data.

#5- Connect Quantification as the Project Progresses to Build a Greater Understanding of Variations

Significant changes can impact the equipment and material requirement and scope as the construction project moves forward. Curating takeoffs using Revit helps estimators identify variations in the project’s progress.


When estimators conveniently access relevant information, they can pull up extensive databases to appropriately use change orders and customize budget estimation. This real-time quantification process helps reduce the number of RFIs and change orders, which leads to reduced project delays and lower project costs.

#6- Outsource To Professional MEP Takeoff Estimating Services

Takeoffs are integral to the design process, helping curate accurate bids and estimates. For complex and large-scale projects, latch onto professional outsourcing firms like ADDMORE Services. Our professionals can help extract precise model-based BOMs, BOQs, and estimates to help you win more tenders and bids.


Expert project managers in our team evaluate site logistics and project costs in the pre-construction stage to help reduce costs and achieve growth through clash-free and coordinated 3D models. Using advanced tools, processes, and measurable data can help set any project for success from the very onset.


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