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How AutoCAD Drafting Brings Tremendous Changes in The Mode of Drafting

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Change is never easy. Although sometimes it is exactly what is needed to make life easier. One thing that has not changed over the years is that drawings are still paramount in construction, as they are critical for smooth workflows, sound planning, and material and cost estimates.

Manual drafting was the only way to create these drawings in the past. This method involved using pencil and paper to draw sketches, making it incredibly time-consuming and iterative. Just like other human tasks, drafting was subjected to errors and flaws. Even the slightest modifications were tedious to make when drafting was manual. And then, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) was discovered, which has been considered one of the pioneers of innovative breakthroughs in the AEC industry ever since.

AutoCAD quickly became one of the most popular choices for drafting professionals looking to create 2D and 3D drafts cost-effectively within a short time. Here are some of the reasons AutoCAD drafting is preferred by professionals in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.

Data Storage and Accessibility

You will not need to maintain a folder where each manual drawing is filed to be stored properly. Losing documents is a risk you always take when relying on manual drawings. AutoCAD files can be saved in multiple locations, such as a hard drive, a pen drive, or the cloud, allowing multiple stakeholders to access them anywhere, anytime.

You can also create easy backups in case of unexpected developments. It also makes it incredibly convenient to print them or use them for future reference. Moreover, going digital also means becoming more environmentally friendly as you will be saving tons of trees from being cut down to be turned into paper.

Database Creation

AutoCAD allows the creation of basic drawing templates that can then be used repeatedly. Individual CAD files can easily be collected into a database, which can be accessed, easily modified, and used when curating new drawings.


Whether on paper or digital, most drawings would likely require some amount of modifications and revisions. Manual drafts require erasing and re-drawing, whereas with AutoCAD, the range of editing tools makes revisions quicker and easier. Experts can delete, undo, or redo previous actions with a few clicks, virtually eliminating the need to re-draw.

CAD drawings make it easier to visualize realistic outcomes and see the object from any angle, including cross-sections. You can also modify existing objects by stretching, scaling, rotating, mirroring, and so on.

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Time and Speed

AutoCAD is considerably faster than manual drafting. It makes revisions, preparation of reports, BoQs, BoMs, and so on, much more convenient. The drafter does not have to tediously draw every line on paper, as it can be completed with just a few clicks. A substantial amount of time is saved because AutoCAD eliminates the need for repetitive iterations.


Data describing a family or a component is associative in AutoCAD, so revisions get translated everywhere automatically, wherever the data is used. Editing, modifying, and checking drawings has become much faster than when manual drawings were created from scratch to reflect each change.


All drawn objects in manual drawings must be of the correct alignment and size. This requires manual verification of each object and its dimensions because even the slightest error could prove catastrophic for the overall project. AutoCAD boasts several tools that enable the drafter to obtain precise information and dimensions of each object, leading to the accuracy improving significantly.

3D CAD Drawings for BIM Modelling

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, requires 3D CAD drawings to manage the functional and physical characteristics of a project. BIM allows stakeholder collaboration in the early stages of the project while helping make construction data much more intelligent for informed decision-making.


Besides improving cross-discipline communication, CAD drawings further help increase the interoperability, make it easier to resolve coordination and design clashes, and help provide accurate cost estimates for the project, leading to more efficient project planning.

Get Quality Drafts at Affordable Rates

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The team of qualified experts at ADDMORE services are well-versed in the techniques, industry practices, and newer versions of the AutoCAD, allowing them to make efficient use of the ever-advancing features. Regardless of whether you need two-dimensional or three-dimensional dynamic drawings, and in whatever format, our professionals can get the job done in the least possible time without comprising one bit on accuracy.


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You can also connect with us to discuss staff leasing opportunities or get access to highly efficient virtual assistants with loads of experience supporting multiple clients across various industries.

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