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Workforce Shortage Challenges: Why Outsourcing is the Way Forward for the AEC Industry


Architectural, engineering, and construction is the full form of the AEC acronym. It collectively refers to the architects, engineers, and construction professionals on commercial, residential, and industrial projects to ensure smooth completion. All three principles are integral to projects, from the design phase to the final execution.

According to estimates, the global AEC market is expected to be worth over $11 trillion by 2023. The annual growth rate is projected at 4.3% until 2026. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by the AEC industry is labor force shortages. Between an aging labor force and a huge skills gap, finding the talent the industry needs might get very challenging.


AEC sector positions require highly skilled professionals with technical expertise, seamless project management skills, and safety awareness, a combination that could be difficult to find in certain geographical areas. However, you need not worry because the future is here, and so is team ADDMORE! Let’s learn how outsourcing may be the solution to most of the AEC industry’s problems.

Outsourcing: The Future of AEC Industry?

The AEC industry has traditionally prioritized slow and gradual improvements. Experts believe that this is no longer likely to suffice. With the world trying to come out of a devastating pandemic, projects are likely to become increasingly larger and more complex.

For instance, there is an increasing demand for eco-conscious construction, but the worsening technological competence and scarcity of resources point toward a need for novel approaches.

The AEC industry is facing significant challenges as it tries to meet the rising demand for projects to be constructed, operated, maintained, and built to standard more quickly with much lower risks and costs. The non-integrated processes and systems of most businesses will not be enough to remain competitive in the future. Here’s how firms in the AEC industry can benefit from partnering with reputable outsourcing firms like ADDMORE Services.

#1- Cost-Efficiency

The most visible benefit of outsourcing is related to cost savings. Firms can get the job done at a much lower cost and ensure better quality. Given the differences in wages between different countries, the same kind of work done in western states can be done in the Philippines at a fraction of the cost.

Partnering with ADDMORE Services could ensure your firm enjoys cost savings of around 70% by outsourcing the task to qualified professionals on our team. Plus, our quality assurance checks mean the low cost would not mean low quality, regardless of the size of your project.

#2 Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing your business needs to us means partnering with experts who bring decades of experience in business practices and expertise in delivering even complex projects promptly. Our team can do a better job with a quick turnaround time and utmost accuracy with their understanding and knowledge of the domain. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity, thereby contributing to your business’s bottom line.

#3 Business Growth  

Outsourcing the less-critical business processes would free up your time and resources that can be diverted to focusing on growing your business, winning more bids, making processes efficient, and providing higher value-added services.

professionals working in the office

#4 Access to Skilled Resources

Outsourcing eliminates the need for investing in recruiting, training, benefits, and acquiring relevant software or developing infrastructure. ADDMORE Services takes responsibility for business processes and help you connect with highly qualified resources from their talent pool to meet your needs. Our professionals are well-versed in the best practices in the respective business areas. They possess ample experience to handle business needs across diverse industries worldwide.  

#5 Time Zone Advantage

Besides the cost advantage, the other touted advantage of outsourcing lies in the time zone difference between the country where your business is located and the location you are outsourcing to. The job will get done even when you are closed for the day! You can wake up to the service being delivered to the client at an unbelievably fast pace. The unique advantage allows businesses to reap the benefits of round-the-clock business operations.

Let us ADDMORE Value to Your Business by Helping you Provide Faster and Better Services

High-quality deliverables by our team help decrease the lead time to market. If you are looking for ways to boost productivity in your business while converting your ideas faster into projects or products, schedule a consultation with us to discuss how we can help make that happen!


At ADDMORE Services, we offer an extensive range of cost-efficient offshoring and outsourcing solutions for clients in the USA, the Republic of Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, and many other regions worldwide.


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