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Top Three Benefits Of Offshore Leased Staff For Your Business

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Businesses nowadays outsource business functions to external vendors to get better quality work at cost-effective rates. The trend gained pace as the world switched to remote work to curb the economic and health-related devastation caused by the pandemic. Many businesses with limited resources turned to offshore services providers to delegate their functions to ensure business continuity in such unprecedented times.


Offshore staff leasing is one of the most popular types of outsourcing, allowing businesses to streamline more flexibility by hiring an entire offshore team or just one remote worker without the hassles and stressors involved in hunting and recruiting qualified professionals.

Why Are Businesses Choosing Staff Leasing?

The benefits of staff leasing involve more than just efficiency or cost savings. Leasing offshore employees means hiring remote workers with the solid know-how and skills needed to excel in the field. It is an easy and cost-effective alternative to managing day-to-day tasks. It helps entrepreneurs concentrate on the core business operations as the remote staff acts as an effective extension to the team.


Whether you are looking for leased employees for a temporary peak season or longer employment periods, you will find the customized staff leasing solutions by ADDMORE Services to be best suited for your business needs. We hire, train, and manage your offshore staff according to the designated roles and requirements.


Over the years, businesses have found staff leasing to be more helpful and flexible in terms of scalability than large-scale outsourcing. It has also helped them acquire robust talent for various departments at a much lesser cost than what they would have had to pay for hiring and retaining in-house employees in the long term. If you plan to add cost-effectivity and productivity into your business with offshore staff leasing, here is what you need to know.

Offshore Staff Leasing Will Help Reduce Costs Significantly

Offshore leased staff by ADDMORE Services can help lower labor and operational costs significantly. You will not need to invest in training, utilities, insurance, equipment, infrastructure, benefits, taxes, and more. Depending on the setup you find suitable, we can also help your offshore team access various amenities and facilities like meeting rooms, workstations, high-speed internet, and common areas like training rooms or pantries. The Economist revealed that setting up offshore staff leasing teams helps businesses save over 32% of the overall costs involved. Entrepreneurs can use the saved money for other, more critical expenses and investments. 

Offshore Staff Leasing Helps Access Skilled Resources

Team ADDMORE will take care of the costly and time-consuming hiring and training processes by helping you access a highly skilled offshore team, already well-educated in the respective roles and experienced in handling the processes efficiently. We have access to a network of highly qualified individuals from all over the world. They can help your company gain a competitive edge by bringing in expertise and fresh perspectives to resolve problems and get high-quality work done with a quick turnaround time. From technology to highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge supplies, you can access resources that are difficult to acquire locally in much more cost-effective ways.

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Staff Leasing Offers a Unique Time Zone Advantage

The differential time zone between your country and the location of the team you are outsourcing to, means you can get the job done during the time you and your in-house team are off duty. The 24-hour business operation advantage comes with the ability to retain complete control over the team. You will still be in charge of the training and development and providing direction to your offshore employees, even though you might be miles away physically. Advancements in technology mean you can easily ensure your leased staff and the in-house team are aligned to work towards the same goals.


If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, reach out to us to schedule a consultation. ADDMORE Services will cover the legality issues, company formation costs, utility costs, payroll, HR, and more. Just manage the team to retain control of their day-to-day tasks and enjoy substantial cost savings; leave the rest to us.


Many businesses in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the Middle East, and various other countries worldwide trust us as their BPO solutions provider for cost-effective managed offshoring and outsourcing solutions, too. These include quantity surveying services, BIM services, 2D and 3D CAD drafting services, construction project management, Revit design services, takeoff estimating services, architectural drafting services, Primavera modeling services, and more.


Connect with us to discuss why offshoring to the Philippines might be the best solution to help drive productivity, increase efficiency, and maximize the profitability of your business.

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