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Quantity Surveyors Vs. Estimators: What’s The Difference?

quantity surveyors vs. estimators: what’s the difference?

When it comes to hiring quantity estimators and quantity surveyors, construction companies are often indecisive. Both professionals help construction projects run smoothly and assist with the different stages. They provide accurate and reliable estimates to reduce financial risks and save costs.

So, who should you hire for your project? This blog will help you determine the responsibilities of quantity estimators and surveyors, helping you make an informed decision.

What Do Quantity Estimators Do?

Quantity estimators are instrumental to the construction planning process. They’re in charge of the project’s cost estimations and are usually well-versed in reading and applying blueprints. Quantity estimators are also proficient in construction technologies and help ensure that construction projects are completed on time and within budget.

What Do Quantity Surveyors Do?

Quantity surveyors are qualified professionals who monitor the construction costs during the project and advise accordingly. Additionally, they also frequently assist with insurance, replacement cost estimation and tax depreciation schedules.

Quantity surveyors deal with multiple tasks during the various stages of a project, ensuring that industry standards and regulations are met throughout. They’re also skilled in negotiating, preparing contracts, analyzing operational scenarios, managing contractor relationships and assisting with Bill of Quantities.

What Are the Key Differences between the Two?

So far, we’ve determined that both quantity estimators and quantity surveyors are closely involved in the cost estimation and planning processes. So, what sets them apart?

The major difference lies in the type of projects these professionals sign up for. Typically, quantity surveyors tackle more complex or large-scale projects. Many private companies hire quantity surveyors for their construction projects, although they frequently assist with projects in the public sector as well. In contrast, quantity estimators usually take on smaller residential and commercial construction projects.

Secondly, quantity estimators are mainly in charge of cost estimations and filing tenders. On the other hand, quantity surveyors prioritize providing the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to companies, helping them resolve any discrepancies in their documents and cost calculations.

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Moreover, quantity surveyors are usually involved throughout the project and provide support in the pre- and post-completion stages as well. Quantity estimators are usually actively involved before a project commences, as their role is more relevant to that stage.

Quantity Surveying Services by ADDMORE

At ADDMORE Services LLC, we specialize in outsourced quantity surveying and contract administration services. Our team will review your claims, costs and contracts, ensuring you don’t break your budget in the process.  With their excellent numeracy skills, our quantity surveyors will help plan your expenses, manage the project’s costs and file tenders.

Additionally, ADDMORE Services LLC outsources architectural drafting, construction documentation and visualization and project management services. Contact us today for global outsourcing services, especially if you’re based in the U.K., the U.S., Republic Of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or the Middle East.

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