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Why You Should Consider Staff Leasing For Your Business

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The pandemic’s long-term impacts have caused various financial and operational challenges. Onboarding remote staff helps ensure business continuity, even when unprecedented circumstances play in. Leased professionals provided by reputable BPO companies ADDMORE value with their solid know-how across various fields. Businesses can access a whole suite of professional services remotely, ranging from data management and entry, IT support, customer support, and several other administrative functions.

Staff leasing provides a much more cost-effective alternative to managing the day-to-day tasks while gaining numerous benefits for the businesses. It allows concentrating on the core business operations by using remote staff to extend the team.

Whether you’re looking for leased staff for longer employment periods or want to keep up with the temporary peak season demands, you will find our customized staff leasing services to be best suited for your business. Here are a few reasons to consider staff leasing services for your business.

#1 The Right People To Get the Job Done Efficiently

ADDMORE Services makes life easier by helping businesses connect with the right people to do the job quickly and efficiently. Remote businesses can access a larger pool of highly qualified talents with the right mindset, skills, and culture fit for your company.

Employing remote workers provides the opportunity to onboard the brightest and most talented staff on your team more cost-effectively than spending a fortune on hiring in-house teams, streamlining the necessary infrastructure and software, training them, and more.

#2 Increased Cost-Efficiency in the Long Run

Staff leasing could be more cost-efficient in terms of operational costs in the long run. BPO providers offer tailored plans at competitive rates depending on a business’s needs. The packages offered by reputable companies like ADDMORE Services include insurance, benefits, training, incentives, and salaries.

We also provide robust IT support to ensure the virtual team is equipped with the right software, tools, and equipment needed to get the job done correctly. For those who prefer a dedicated office space, we can give the offshore team access to various amenities and facilities such as meeting rooms, high-speed internet, workstations, access to common areas for training and the pantry, and more.

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#3 Potential For Greater Market Reach

Geographical restrictions and differences in time zones can make it challenging to tap into new market opportunities elsewhere in the world. Hiring remote teams in the top offshoring destinations like the Philippines can help businesses grow by catering to a wider range of global vendors, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders round-the-clock with an efficient team working on rotating shifts.

#4 Team ADDMORE Will Take Care Of All the Nitty-Gritties For You

Staff leasing opportunities by ADDMORE Services come with additional support in terms of operations. For many businesses, operational tasks like HR, taxes, facilities management, accounting, payroll, and other paperwork can be a time-consuming hassle.

With our help, businesses can get support in all aspects, including team management, while retaining direct control over the offshore team. This helps redirect the limited resources and time to other important business aspects, such as working on growth initiatives.

Ready To Save More Without Compromising on the Quality of Work?

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ADDMORE Services offers several staff leasing options to help businesses of all types and sizes address their needs. We cater to various industries, including architecture, eCommerce, engineering, construction, real estate, legal, tourism, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, hospitality, and more.

We provide a suite of offshoring and outsourcing solutions, including but not limited to Revit design services, quantity surveying services, BIM modeling solutions, construction cost services, takeoff estimating services, construction project management, 2D and 3D CAD drafting services, contract administration, Primavera modeling services, architectural drafting services, and more.

Book a consultation with us if you’re located in the USA, the UK, the Middle East, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere in the world to learn more about our cost-effective pricing solutions before getting started.

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