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Difference Between Detailed Drawing and AS Built Drawing Documents

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Construction documentation’s primary function is to graphically depict what needs to be built. If these drawings do not provide ample information, it can impede the design implementation. Well-coordinated and concise construction drawings help eliminate ambiguity, misunderstandings, and delays due to confusion.

Several drawings are used in the AEC industry to aid the whole design, manufacturing, and construction process. Each drawing has its specific purpose and is used at different stages. Experts from ADDMORE Services will talk about the importance of AS Built documentation, created during the implementation phase, and detailed drawing documents made right before the result of the plan is achieved. It can be said that detailed drawing documents comprise a macro-type, high-level design made before implementation.

The Purpose of AS Built Documents

AS Built documents include all the documentation about the existing structural elements, and with the help of CAD, it gets easier to view the details already present. For instance, AS Built drawings show all the major and minor modifications made by contractors to the original drawings to provide an exact rendering of the project. They show all the variations in dimensions, shape, materials, locations, and specifications made at any interim project stage that differs from the original drawing.

These drawings and documents are curated using computer-generated software to ensure maximum quality and accuracy. Cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling are used to prepare them at a minimal cost. These documents help save considerable amounts of time in planning or constructing by facilitating the easy visualization of the upcoming steps, helping notice complications, and resolving potential issues early.

The Importance of Detailed Drawing Documents

Detailed drawing documents comprise the important information related to the geometric details. They usually include large-scale drawings that show intricate details about the plan, with detailed drawings of all the segments that might help in the final construction.

These drawings help assemble information that might not be possible otherwise in general drawing documents. The details regarding dimensions, symbols, measurements, notations, and other information are provided in these documents.

How To ADDMORE Value To Your Projects

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Working with inexperienced drafters can cause companies to fall into the trap of adding every possible detail into the drawing, hoping that the information will make it clearer. While it is good to ensure the best possible representation, extra details can sometimes cause an overload of information.

Highly experienced experts at ADDMORE Services can help streamline documents and drawings that are understandable and usable for everybody involved in the project. Our professionals maintain robust communication with all stakeholders to make exclusions based on consensus while providing drawings developed in agreeable formats.  

We offer full outsourcing services and offshoring solutions to clients worldwide, mainly in the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, the UK, and the Middle East. 

Connect with us to book a consultation or learn about our cost-efficient BPO solutions for multiple engagement models before you pick the right one that suits your company’s mission, vision, and goals. We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to construction project management, Revit design services, construction cost services, BIM modeling solutions, takeoff estimating services, architectural drafting services, quantity surveying services, Primavera modeling services contract administration, 2D and 3D CAD drafting services, and more.

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