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Why American Companies Are Offshoring To The Philippines

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Offshoring is an incredible option for improving efficiency, cutting costs, and redirecting focus on your core business. Although the many benefits offered by offshoring solutions are important, there’s a lot more to successful offshoring than that. One needs to consider a range of issues, including worth ethics, culture, government support, economic climate, qualification levels of the workforce, and more. Another thing to remember is that not all countries are equally suitable offshoring destinations.

Here are some reasons many organizations in the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, the Middle East, and many other countries worldwide are expanding their business by partnering with reliable offshoring services providers in the Philippines.

Cost Advantage

Many international companies choose the Philippines to set up offshore departments due to the lower cost advantage. Labor is considerably more economical, and the quality of services is impeccable. The teams are highly functional and effective, leading to immense cost savings. Research shows that businesses can save up to 70% on tech infrastructure and labor when setting up an offshore office. The lower exchange rate of the Philippine Peso versus most other currencies makes it even more cost-effective. With offshoring, businesses can cut costs, scale faster, and boost profits.

Premium Quality Talent Pool

A huge chunk of the Philippines’ population is young and can contribute to the growing workforce. The country’s educational institutions churn our numerous graduates each year. Moreover, the top BPO destination boasts a highly educated workforce composed of managers, supervisors, and rising executives. Filipinos have higher average IQs, allowing them to handle highly stressful workloads and situations efficiently.

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Robust government Support and Economic Climate

While many offshore destinations offer great value in terms of money and time, they add significant risk to businesses with unstable economies and governance. The government and economy of the Philippines are not only stable but also robust, as the country has one of the fastest-growing South Asian economies. They welcome foreign investment and actively invest in their technological infrastructure to effectively support the offshoring and outsourcing industry.

Focus on Core Business Activities

Offshoring is a clever way to delegate several tasks, as it helps business owners make time for other opportunities. Filipinos are not only incredibly professional and skilled at what they do, but they are also innately adaptable and resourceful. They easily adjust to changing work shifts and cross-cultural demands to enhance productivity, regardless of the different time zones. The time zone difference gives businesses a significant advantage over others because it enables them to manage continuous business operations round the clock. It helps boost productivity and client satisfaction, as the business virtually never shuts down.

Ready To Scale Your Company?

In this digital era, organizations can explore various opportunities and set bigger goals without hiring additional in-house staff or arranging infrastructural amenities, training them, and paying employee benefits. Instead, they can scale up quickly and divert focus on boosting growth by outsourcing different functions to offshore teams.

If you are looking to hire Philippines-based offshore staff to generate more income or gain a competitive edge, connect with specialists at ADDMORE Services. They have a vast network of qualified individuals and can help you access efficient, hard-working, and qualified Filipinos for your offshore team.  

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From facilitating the offices to handling legal responsibilities, payroll, HR, taxation, utility costs, and more, their professionals can help you build a qualified virtual team after assessing the business’s customization requirements.

Take your projects to the next level with offshoring solutions by team ADDMORE. We can help you streamline various outsourcing services at cost-effective rates. These include BIM services, architectural drafting services, contract administration, 2D and 3D CAD drafting Services, construction project management, Revit design services, architectural 3D visualization services, takeoff estimating services, real estate rendering, Primavera modeling services, and more.

Schedule a consultation with us to get started.  

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