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The Developing Trend Offshoring Back of House Support Staff and Virtual Assistants from the Philippines

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The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. Due to the restrictions imposed to mitigate the spread of the virus, companies shifted their operations to digital channels to maintain efficiency while improving customer experience without spending a fortune. During this time, offshore outsourcing, virtual assistance, and back-of-house support became powerful and valuable tools for several brands.


Statistics reveal that the entrepreneurial world’s big guns skyrocket their success with a formula that helps them avoid cash flow problems. These firms leverage offshore outsourcing and virtual assistants. However, not all countries are equal when it comes to offshore outsourcing. Several factors affect whether a country would prove to be a suitable offshoring destination. These include education level, work ethics, culture, economic climate, and more. More and more companies today outsource back-office services to remote workers and virtual assistants in the Philippines to scale up fast and boost efficiency. The country provides access to top offshoring talent and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to factors that make a destination gain a place in top offshoring destinations worldwide for BPO solutions.  

The Ins and Outs of Hiring Filipino Virtual Teams

If your in-house executive team members are brimming with revolutionary ideas to make your company flourish but just cannot find time to focus on the implementation, consider lowering the burden with a back-office set up in the Philippines. The first step involves appointing a virtual assistant who can handle everything from email management to typing, reports, planning, project management, and more. The seemingly small change helps free up some valuable time, allowing senior executives to redirect their focus on the other important business functions or big-picture projects. Businesses can choose the roles handed over to the offshore virtual assistants and grow the virtual team as needed. Here are a few benefits of hiring Filipino virtual teams.

Cost Savings

Offshoring part or all of their operations to back-of-house support staff or virtual assistants in the Philippines allows businesses to enjoy considerable cost savings as they operate for much less than it would cost in their home country. The cost of living is relatively low in the Philippines, so wages are also significantly lower. It allows businesses to grow their team with qualified professionals without a huge investment. The cost advantage also applies to other expenses like office rent, utilities, infrastructure, supplies, and third-party services. Adding up all the savings makes a significant difference.

Access to Qualified Talents

One of the biggest challenges of setting up an in-house team is finding experienced and suitable workers, hiring them, training them, providing them appropriate benefits, and developing the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the growing workforce. The entire process takes up a huge chunk of your money, time, and resources, diverting the attention from core business operations. The developing trend of using offshore back of house support staff for bookkeeping, payroll, HR, procurement, general clerical duties, and virtual assistance in the Philippines allows businesses to skip these steps and gain access to the resources and expertise needed to excel.

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24/7 Support

Due to different time zones, the virtual assistants and back-of-house support staff in the Philippines work at hours opposite to the existing team in your home country. It allows businesses to provide round-the-clock services to customers. Business owners can give their offshore teams a task at the end of the workday, and it will be completed by the next morning. It saves considerable time and allows the business to run smoothly.

Future-Proof Your Business

Technological advancements and digital solutions are shaping up the future in numerous ways. Companies that adapt to continually emerging trends can reap myriad benefits in the long run. Quality, speed, and flexibility are becoming more important than geographical limitations for businesses, allowing offshore solutions to pave the way businesses can make their brand and operations future-proof.  


Partnering with a reliable BPO company can help enhance the efficiency, agility, and productivity of businesses of all sizes and across all industries. If you are looking to outsource offshore back-of-house support staff or virtual assistants to the beautiful Southeast Asian country, team ADDMORE Services can help you find qualified individuals that will help you achieve profitable growth over time.


The company works as an extended virtual arm to offer a wide range of solutions, allowing businesses to gain a competitive edge. Businesses in the Republic of Ireland, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and many other regions in the world can connect with us to find cost-effective offshoring and outsourcing solutions that suit your business’s requirements. These include architectural 3D visualization services, architectural drafting services, 2D and 3D CAD drafting Services, Revit design services, construction cost estimates, takeoff estimating services, real estate rendering, Planswift estimating, construction project management, Primavera modeling services, BIM services, and more.


Reach out to us to discuss how we can ADDMORE value and boost your business’s growth goal by helping you form strategic collaborations with highly qualified remote teams and virtual assistants in the Philippines.

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