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Top Benefits of Digital Takeoffs in the Preparation of Bills Of Materials and Bills Of Quantities

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Quantity takeoffs are a crucial part of the pre-construction phase. Estimators use takeoffs to understand what materials are needed for the timely completion of a project and how much it will cost. Even minor errors made at this stage can considerably affect the rest of the stages that follow. Takeoffs affect the overall cost estimation, timeline, and workflows.

Contracting firms are among the first to adopt and implement the latest technology to reap the benefits of gaining a competitive edge over others. If you are among the handful of firms that still perform manual takeoffs, you probably spend more time shuffling through heaps of plans and papers rather than focusing on putting together accurate bids and estimates.

Many firms perform takeoffs by hand as they find it challenging to adapt to new technology or find resources to streamline the highly skilled experts and infrastructure needed to go digital. Luckily, firms of all types and sizes can get precise digital takeoffs, and that too at incredibly cost-effective rates. Check out how ADDMORE Services helps contracting firms automate the many processes used in producing Bills of Quantities and Bills of Materials. Here are some benefits of partnering with ADDMORE Services and getting accurate digital takeoffs.

Save Time with Faster Turnaround

Manual takeoffs are extremely time-consuming and require utmost precision. Automating the processes saves tons of time as you don’t have to count objects and fixtures manually. This is especially true for projects with repetitive spaces. Using cutting-edge takeoff software allows experts to perform the takeoff once and replicate the results for all rooms with a similar layout.

If there is a need to manually measure the ceilings, floors, and walls of a room, each takeoff would have to be done individually after calculating each object’s measurements. The process will need to be repeated repeatedly for each hallway, room, or space within the building. Automation helps select multiple objects that need to be measured. The takeoff needs to be performed once, and everything that has been selected will be measured one time. This is a huge time-saver, especially for multi-trade contracting firms that need to measure multiple objects while performing takeoffs.

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

Digital takeoffs are reliable, repeatable processes, allowing the quick measuring of areas, quantities, and linear distances. Using cutting-edge takeoff software enables team ADDMORE to offer customization and creation of conditions and digitizations’ used frequently to improve the efficiency and productivity of the estimating team. It can help streamline consistent takeoffs quickly and painlessly. Contractors can redirect their focus and time to getting their estimates right, resulting in better bids and freeing the in-house team to take on more projects.

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Enable Better Collaboration

When multiple parties work on the same project simultaneously, identifying the changes between drawings not properly marked can be incredibly frustrating and challenging. It could take hours to find the differences while still not guaranteeing nothing is missed. Using overlays loaded in the software, the team can easily see anything that has been removed or added between revisions, as they are highlighted in different colors. It saves time when comparing drawings, prevents anything significant from being missed, and aids collaboration in real-time, leading to better bids and estimates. Using the right software helps integrate the project with other solutions to acquire accurate construction cost estimates, cost tracking, and construction project management. It helps the team remain organized as they work for the same data sets.

Deliver Much More Accurate Bids

Bids are only as good as the overall estimates, and estimates are only as good as the takeoffs. Manual takeoffs are highly prone to human error from missing, miscalculating, not factoring on the plan’s scale, or using outdated plan sheets. With digital takeoff solutions, you can ADD MORE accuracy to your bids with easily organizable and manageable agendas and plan sheets, ensuring nothing ever gets left out. Setting the scale of the plans and cresting digital takeoffs is easy, and allows access to automatic, accurate measurements for surface areas, volume, perimeters, height, etc. Your firm will never have to worry about off conversions or measurements when precise digital takeoffs by ADDMORE will help you get more accurate estimates, leading to more profitable bids.

Improve Your Bid-Win Ratio

Winning more bids starts with better estimates curated with the help of accurate takeoffs. By partnering with ADDMORE Services, you can easily leave the task to us and focus your time and efforts to ensure your bids and estimates remain competitive, complete, and profitable.

At ADDMORE, we use the right technologies, tools, and strategies needed to help your business grow beyond your expectations. Professionally curated takeoffs and construction cost estimates prepared by experts by ADDMORE Services using digital software, such as PlanSwift, are detailed, marked, and gone through various quality control checks to ensure accuracy.

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