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What AEC Companies Need To Know About The Bill Of Quantities

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BOQ (Bill of Quantities) is a critical document prepared by AEC companies during the planning and estimation stages. It categorizes and details the financial purview of various materials and other items necessary to complete a project. Preliminaries, overheads, and measured works are captured within the document, along with associated units, quantities, and rates, to reflect the project’s scope of work and provide a concrete pathway towards the project’s development. BOQs, when curated by qualified quantity surveyors, aid in better project planning while streamlining cost savings significantly and setting the right framework for strategic project development.

The document is typically abstracted from the design team’s specifications, drawings, and other documents. It is set issued as part of the tender documentation and is set out in accordance with the standard measurement method, enabling the submission of an accurate estimate. A detailed BOQ can also include the terms and conditions of the construction contract and itemize the work involved.

When the BOQ helps tenderers calculate construction costs following a fair and effective system, it allows the cost estimate to be accurate while significantly improving the construction process. The work can be carried out on a far less confrontational basis, potential wastage, extra costs, and chances of surprises along the way will be mitigated, and the client will be satisfied.

Even after the tendering process, BOQs help contractors in construction planning, material scheduling, cost-planning, and cost analysis. BOQ can be used in almost every phase of the project. However, the need differs based on differences in projects or contact agreements.

Key Benefits of BOQs for Businesses in the AEC Sector

  • Highly detailed BOQ documents enable the stakeholders to understand the financial scope of every project.  
  • When line items are listed accurately in BOQs, the project owners can gain much greater clarity regarding the project’s material consumption requirements.
  • BOQs help standardize and illuminate the tendering processes, giving stakeholders in-depth information for various construction, architecture, and engineering projects.
  • When BOQs are curated by qualified professionals, they help eliminate all guesswork required to estimate the scope of work involved, as they transparently highlight each item along with its associated costs. Each stakeholder can reference the document, enabling better scheduling and planning of the tasks required for project completion.
  • Prices can be compared amongst the material categories, making it easier to find the best rates to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget without compromising quality.
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Preparing a BOQ

Preparing a professional and precise BOQ involves several steps and experience possessed by qualified quantity surveyors. It includes obtaining the design team’s specifications and drawings, taking off quantities from the drawings, and a robust understanding of the type of contract, associated terms and conditions, and other factors that affect the contract. It is crucial to ensure that the BOQ is set out in accordance with the standards method of measurement.

How We Can ADDMORE Value To Your BOQs

If you were thinking about hiring an in-house quantity surveying team, think again. Save yourself from the hassle of finding, training, and onboarding employees. ADDMORE Services has access to an extensive pool of qualified quantity surveyors who are well-versed in best practices for curating detailed BOQs manually and through the latest industry-specific software like PlanSwift. From formatting to organizing categories, allocating trade codes, adding in items, and price bill items using plug rates and free format rate sheets, our team of professionals can help you get BOQs that are well in line with each project’s requirements.

Connect with us right away to learn how we can help you reduce unwanted rework, unnecessary expenses, and wasted time to win more bids and make clients happier.

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