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Best Practices For Effective Project Schedule Management

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Robust scheduling is vital to the successful completion of a project within budget and on time. A well-planned project schedule provides ample information with a clearer picture of all project deadlines, milestones, and timeframes. It charts out how all created tasks are to be executed, the methods and sequences in which materials are to be delivered, the pace of each activity, management of equipment, labor, and materials, and so on.

It also includes plans and how the work should progress through each phase and predicts a tentative completion date of the entire contractually based project, which, in turn, has significant implications on the project’s profitability. Before heading on to the best practices for effective project schedule preparation and management, here are some key elements every project schedule should include.

  • Identification and documentation of specific tasks and activities that need to be performed to deliver the project. This list must be exhaustive to avoid potential surprises during the course of the project.
  • Determining whether the activities need to happen concurrently or sequentially
  • Estimating forecasts about the quantity of resources required to complete each task. It should include the major types of resources like equipment and tools, labor, facilities, and fixed cost items (such as subcontractors).
  • Forecasts about the activity’s duration or the time required to complete the project with projected resources
  • Visual representation and development of the schedule, including the official start and completion dates of each activity and the project’s overall completion.

Best Practices For Preparing and Managing Project Schedules

#1- Always Generate Contingency Plans

A variety of factors could derail construction projects. It is best to identify potential issues in the project schedule beforehand and plan accordingly. Contractual disputes, scope creep, poor weather, and material price escalation are just some reasons for cost overruns and project delays. Consult with the team to identify potential bottlenecks so that you can make a plan for dealing with the unplanned.

#2 Methodically Review and Update the Schedule

Effective project schedules require the constant reviewing and evaluation of activities and tasks versus the plan, overlaid with any new variances and inputs. Set aside ample time at regular intervals to review the schedule thoroughly. Capture any new relevant detail in the schedule and communicate it to the relevant teams accordingly.

#3 Prioritize Open Communication

Communication is key when it comes to the success of any project or business. Especially now, when a vast majority of people are working remotely, it is essential to maintain healthy communication with the clients, subs, and the team. It helps ensure every stakeholder is informed of any setbacks or progress occurring in the project.

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#4- Socialize the Project Schedule Early and Regularly

Sharing the project schedule early on with key stakeholders helps gain greater support from all involved parties. It makes them feel like an important part of the broader process, which results in them taking greater ownership and advising any changes they think might impact the schedule. Having more eyes on the project schedule will act as an additional failsafe to ensure no minor or major details are overlooked.

#4 Use Technology Like Primavera

Preparing and managing project schedules is much more convenient with technologies and software like the Oracle Primavera. It is a comprehensive, cloud-based project management software designed primarily for construction and engineering projects. It has many helpful features such as multiple project management, risk management, project status email updates, configurable forms, Gantt charts, real-time analytics and reporting, and an information dashboard with reliable data that is incredibly useful for making timely informed decisions fixing any issues that might arise.

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