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Top 4 Benefits of Cost Estimation using BOM and BOQ Prepared with Digital Software

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Digital software, such as PlanSwift, the exclusive takeoff and construction cost estimating software, is an inherent catalyst needed to obtain accurate construction cost estimates. Experts at ADDMORE use the software to include project BOM and BOQ takeoff information directly into the estimating system of businesses looking to steer clear of errors caused by the need to recall all information. It helps save valuable time as businesses are not required to begin each estimate from the ground up. This is because cost estimating using digital software, such as PlanSwift, allows the generation of estimates from frequently used items. Here are a few top benefits of estimating costs using BOQ and BOM prepared with digital software.

#1- Quicker Estimates

Using digital software allows cost estimation to be much quicker than any other business tool. Many contractors of all trades and sizes have found the use of digital software to be beneficial for completing work in a far more efficient way, leaving them with ample time to get more done, leading to better and more bidding opportunities.

#2 Enhanced Precision

The need more accurately and precisely estimating material, equipment, and labor expenses, along with other costs, is incredibly critical, even more than it has ever been. Post-COVID-19, as businesses are making efforts to streamline profitability, it is increasingly important to accurately monitor back-orders and installed or stored equipment. Estimates curated using digital software like PlanSwift help to provide incredibly accurate cost predictions and final bid prices.

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#3 Consistency

With digital estimating software, businesses can streamline the ability to utilize repeated expenses and processes during the estimate preparation phase. The digital software saves the estimate when an estimate is complete, allowing professionals to compare against the actual job cost. Continued use of digital software can help build up a cache of actual costs versus the estimates to help improve the accuracy of estimates while preventing businesses from going over the set budget.

#4 Efficient Resource Alignment

When a construction project manager uses BOM and BOQ prepared using digital software to determine how many workers or how much equipment and other resources are needed for the project’s successful completion, not only does it result in a much more efficient allocation but also helps the manager supervise and plan out the progress much more cost-effectively.

Why Use PlanSwift?

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PlanSwift allows users to import digital blueprints to make it easier to measure and mark quantities. The visual point-and-click interface also enables experts to drag-and-drop assemblies or parts directly into the digitized blueprint, which helps save valuable effort and time when bidding on projects. The software helps gather measurements, square footage, angles, and unit costs in a matter of seconds before calculating the takeoffs automatically.

If you have always wanted to complete more precise estimates professionally with a quick turnaround time, schedule a consultation with our experts to learn how the intelligent and agile digital software, PlanSwift, can help you optimize, organize, and streamline the growth of your business.

Professionally curated takeoffs and construction cost estimates prepared by experts by ADDMORE Services using digital software, such as PlanSwift, are detailed, marked, and gone through various quality control checks to ensure accuracy.

We help clients in the Republic of Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and various other regions across the world, access cost-effective and high-quality offshoring and outsourcing solutions for a wide range of services, including construction project management, 2D and 3D CAD drafting services, Revit design services, takeoff estimating services, real estate rendering, architectural drafting services, Primavera modeling services, BIM services, and more.

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