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What is the difference between PlanSwift, Bluebeam, and OnScreen Takeoff – Advantages and Disadvantages

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As technology continues to evolve, doing construction estimates manually is no longer a feasible option. There are multiple types of takeoff software available that can be used to streamline the process.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 takeoff and estimating software currently used in construction projects and how they can help you.


PlanSwift is one of the most famous takeoff and estimating software used in the AEC industry. Recently named as the Best Estimating Software of 2021, it is used by thousands of AEC professionals across the globe for all sorts of projects. The quick and accurate estimates provided by PlanSwift give it an edge over others. Moreover, the software can also easily be customized as per individual and trade-specific needs, making it a versatile option. All you have to do is create your assemblies and the software will give you an accurate estimate of the project costs.

Other advantages of PlanSwift include:

· Expression builder incorporated

· Access to outside data

· Easy customization of input windows

· Easy-to-use expression builder

· Customizable reporting feature

· 14-day free trial period

· Extremely affordable

· Affordable plugins

Blue Beam

Another popular construction takeoff software is Blue Beam. This is typically used for converting CAD drawings and Microsoft documents into PDF formats, transforming scanned images into text forms. The software is used by architects, designers, and specialty contractors alike, and includes markup tools to make it easier to track changes. These include features such as highlights, clouds, CAD symbols, notes and stamps. Moreover, Blue Beam can also be used to export files into Excel during the takeoff and estimation processes.

Advantages of Blue Beam include:

· Affordability

· Annotating features

· Digitizing features

· 30-day free trial period

However, Blue Beam does not allow users to add functionality for different parts to calculate their pricing. It is also slightly complicated to navigate and is not as user-friendly as other software.

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On-Screen takeoff software is used for both commercial and residential project. The software facilitates 2D takeoff digitizer integration and file integrations. Compared to Blue Beam, it is more user-friendly and flexible as it is highly compatible with tablet technology. The customer service offered by On-Screen is also commendable, and the software is especially useful for projects that lie under the category of general construction.

On the flipside, On-Screen:

· Is extremely expensive

· Has limited input fields and editing options

· Requires costly add-ons

· Cannot be easily customized

At ADDMORE, we use PlanSwift software for our construction takeoff and estimation processes. This allows us to deliver accurate and impeccable results, streamlining the construction projects at hand.

We also offer 3D CAD millwork shop drawings, construction project management and construction visualization services. Get in touch with us today for more details! We cater to clients based in the U.S., the UK, New Zealand, Republic Of Ireland, Australia and the Middle East.

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