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Why Are 2D Drafting & Drawings Still Popular?

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Computer-Aided Design tools have undoubtedly transformed the design phase in the AEC and manufacturing domains. Many companies use immersive 3D CAD environments to reduce design cycle time and increase project efficiency instead of 2D drawings, which are considered outdated and time-consuming. However, many professionals still prefer using 2D drawings and drafting to finish jobs inexpensively, quickly, and effectively.

In fact, what many people fail to realize is that 2D drawings are arguably one of the most important steps to communicate information that is messy, difficult, or even impossible to express in 3D environments. Let’s look at some benefits of 2D drawings in today’s fast-paced digitized world to understand why they’re still popular.

#1 Flexibility

Unlike conventional, paper-based drawings, a few clicks are all it takes to change the layouts on digital platforms. This means you can experiment with multiple options until you get completely satisfied with a particular design. Designs in 2D CAD are easy to amend. It enables the drafter to create realistic reproductions of the finished products to show how all the elements will fit together in the particularly defined space.

#2 Easy-to-Use

3D CAD tools offer countless functions to designers, but many of them are not utilized when creating drawings for piping, assembly, component plans, and more. On the other hand, 2D CAD tools offer functions that are easy to use and essential. They include line types, layers, line weights, and more.

#3 Error-Free

With minimal requirements for manual calculations, 2D CAD leaves little to no room for errors. The design engineers can create various digital mechanical components with precise dimensions and then alter them as per the requirements. The CAD tool immediately calculates and reflects changes made in different factors automatically. It also allows the incorporation of inputs with previously built designs. It helps to get much quicker and accurate iterations of current designs with minimal requirements for manual inputs.

#4 TimeSaving

Since 2D CAD software automatically calculates much of the updated or added calculations with less need for manual inputs, it enables the designers to focus on other areas that might require more attention. These digital drawings can also be shared with various teams conveniently to ensure everyone remains on the same page. If any team member finds changes or errors, they can be addressed almost immediately.

#5 Cost-Effective

2D solutions are way more cost-effective than the much more advanced 3D CAD. Moreover, since the project output is achieved in less time, the costs of hiring experts for longer hours reduce significantly. The designs are relatively easier to understand, so they meet the expectations at the first go in most cases or require minimal changes.

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Situations Where 2D Drawings are More Preferable than 3D Model

  •  When the design is for single components
  •  When there is a tight project competition deadline
  •  When the drawing requires less space
  •  When the models do not require any 3D functionality

What About Going Hybrid?

Schedule a consultation with experts at a reliable outsourcing company with the requisite experience to learn how they can utilize both 2D and 3D to achieve project optimization far more quickly and easily.

The hybrid approach reduces the need for manual updates and improves interoperability. At ADDMORE Services, we can help you find a suitable solution depending on the specific business or industry requirements. Our experts can help you achieve high returns on investment with a quick turnaround time.

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Our services can be availed by clients worldwide, but mainly in the Republic of Ireland, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East. 

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