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The Benefits of 3D Modeling & CAD Software in Mechanical Engineering

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Regardless of how experienced a manual drafter may be, creating mechanical drawings using the conventional ways of drafting might result in reduced accuracy due to human error. Inaccurate drawings or designs can lead to heavy losses in terms of time, money, and other resources, especially if the inaccuracies are spotted during the manufacturing or execution phase. Not only will it lead to lost investment, but it will also force your team to revisit the design until it becomes flawless.

3D CAD drafting and modeling helps improve the precision of the designs while allowing companies to curate highly accurate designs quickly and easily. It leads to reduced design costs and eliminates the risk of design redundancies. Here are some key benefits of outsourcing 3D CAD drafting and modeling of mechanical engineering designs.

#1 Improved Design Quality

3D CAD software has numerous standard templates of inbuilt mechanical components. Mechanical engineering designers can utilize these pre-existing templates to ensure the accuracy of the design while also saving time.

#2 Increases Productivity

3D CAD modeling makes it convenient for the designer to visualize all mechanical components in 3D during the initial stage. It helps make changes simultaneously if needed. This leads to enhanced productivity, as the designer doesn’t need to revisit the design repeatedly at later stages.

#3 Easy Documentation

Traditional drafting methods involving manual documentation of various aspects of all mechanical components can be tedious and require high levels of precision and accuracy. The emergence of 3D CAD modeling has made the entire process relatively easier as the CAD software comes with flexible preloaded documentation options, including product dimensions, geometry documentation, bills of material, material specifications, and more.

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#4 Compatible with International Standards

Designs curated with 3D CAD software are compatible with several international standards including, ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN, ISO, GOST, GB, and other drafting platforms. Complying with these industry standards automatically streamlines internal communication and improves output.

#5 Automated Redrawing of Design

Redraw the hidden parts of mechanical components is a tedious and troublesome task for the designers using conventional drawing techniques. Using 3D CAD software can help in several ways, such as redrawing the dashes and lines of the hidden parts if there is a change in design, which eliminates the chance of costly errors.

#6 Saving for Future Reference

The data and drawings created using CAD can be stored easily for future reference. It often saves a lot of time and costs when the standard components are saved and do not need to be redesigned from scratch for future design creations.

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