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How Do Artificial Intelligence & Computer-Aided Designs Work Together?

how do artificial intelligence & computer-aided designs work together?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest hot buzzword that seems to be making inroads to several types of software. A recent study revealed that AI might be the revolutionary technological solution to streamline profits and revenues for organizations that deploy it compared to those that fail to use them. This is because AI’s burgeoning integration with 3D CAD software can enable engineers to design products much faster than before while meeting all unique specifications and dimensions.

Integration of CAD Software Solution with Artificial Intelligence

CAD software’s primary function is to automate all the analytical steps of the design process – from creating models of components to fitting them together to analyze the performance of assemblies or parts and ensuring they meet all design specifications.

The analytical steps of the design process are typically iterative, as the design reviews are usually performed by experts who help determine whether the product needs design synthesis. However, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are among trending technologies. They play a significant role in product development when integrated with CAD software. Let’s take a closer look at CAD’s integration with AI.

Introduced in the mid-1980s, AI technology aims to augment and replicate human problem-solving capabilities in CAD software. The method by which AI is merged with CAD to streamline a design automation tool is known as Model-Based Reasoning (MBR).

MBR employs a quantitative and qualitative simulation to predict the interactions between all connecting components within the design assembly. The effectiveness of the AI model depends highly on the quality of rule-based reasoning residing within the AI software. It functions as a replacement for an in-house product design review team.

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Suppose decision-making procedures and knowledge-based or MBR is obtained from credible product design experts and properly implemented in the AI software. In that case, it helps shorten the product development cycle considerably. It captures the expertise of professionals who possess the experience and knowledge needed to perform tasks that involve diagnosis, synthesis, interpretation, planning, and execution of the design.

Simply put, AI’s integration with CAD can streamline design synthesis without going through a separate design synthesis and review process. The experience and knowledge of experts are now available through AI tools. Here are some artificial intelligence-based trends that affect the CAD system.

AI Trends That Affect the CAD System

  • CAD today facilitates many engineering functions, ranging from 3D models to simple drawings. The designing process becomes relatively easier when AI takes the lead to integrate the engineering or manufacturing aspects while predicting and performing tasks using its intelligence.
  • AI can store vast amounts of knowledge-based information to automate several functions when incorporated with CAD software.
  •  Algorithms in AI can make automated changes wherever required in the design without needing human intervention.
  • The simulation and testing process can also be completed with AI’s help, which leads to a major cut down in design time.
  •  Integrating AI technology with CAD can deliver high-quality, ergonomic engineering.

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