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3 Tips to Improve Team Collaboration on Your Construction Projects

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Team collaboration is key to improving efficiency, boosting productivity, and winning new projects in the construction industry. As construction projects have become more complex, poor team collaboration can lead to errors, sunken costs, and wasted time.

Effective communication is now even more critical for construction companies looking to complete projects within budgets and on time while ensuring quality product is delivered to the client. Reduced errors, innovation, cost and time-saving, less need of unnecessary reworking, and added value for clients are the few benefits offered by robust team collaboration.

However, improving team collaboration can sometimes be tricky as it requires coordination, careful planning, and support from all parties involved. Let’s learn some tips that may help you initiate a successful collaboration on your next construction project.

#1 Always Start Early

Ideally, collaboration should always begin in the early planning stages of the project. Involving engineers, owners, architects, contractors, and other major team players can lead to better design as well as decision making.

When everyone is on the same page, they can offer substantial input on coordination, scheduling, materials, and help iron out other details during the design phase. A well-integrated team can result in better project performance, true innovation, and reduced risks for all stakeholders.

#2 Streamline Communication

Creating an open line of communication among different departments of the organization can help ensure a good work environment. You should consider outsourcing an experienced construction project manager who can ensure everyone feels like they are an integral part of the team, and that their opinion is heard and respected.

They can work closely with the engineers and architects to establish timelines, develop plans, calculate construction cost estimates, and oversee all phases of the construction process to ensure the project gets completed within its scope, time, and budget.

#3 Integrated Technological Solutions

Technological advancement has significantly improved communication and facilitated stronger collaboration in the construction sector over the last few years. Everything from tablets and smartphones to construction project management software and BIM modelling solutions have made it relatively easier to manage construction projects.


How Does BIM Help?

BIM is an innovative tool that can help kickstart collaboration efforts right from the design phase. It quickly proved to be disruptive for the AEC industry as many professions began latching onto the 3D modeling, design, and data management capabilities of the tremendous resource for virtually planning and building projects.

Building Information Modelling offers digital information on several aspects relating to the project’s requirements in real time, including materials, specifications, timelines, and supply logistics. It helps create time-sensitive, 3D plans that incorporate the duties and tasks of all departments.

This results in a reduction in the perception of siloed teams and activities, and adds to the feeling that executing the project is a shared goal. Plus, everyone can access the same information at the same time.

Surveys reveal that the streamlined availability of this data dramatically improved collaboration between the key stakeholder. 67% of contractors believed that “BIM significantly enhanced their understanding regarding the project’s design intent,” whereas 49% revealed that it greatly “reduced the frequency of information requests.”

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