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The 3 Benefits of CAD Conversion

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CAD (Computer Aided Design) conversion isn’t a new development. In fact, CAD converted drawings have been around since the 1960s. As global industries move to digital platforms and attempt to conserve paper, CAD conversion has become a prominent part of design development.

Here are a few benefits of CAD conversion.

CAD Converted Files Are Editable

One of the biggest advantages of CAD converted drawings is that they can be revised whenever you want without you having to erase previous work. The files are editable, which means you can view and modify them when necessary without having to completely rework the drawings. Moreover, you can also save the edited and unedited versions to keep track of all the changes that have been made to the files.

Since they’re editable, CAD converted files give you more room to experiment without killing the original design. They can also be accessed from anywhere as long as all participants have a shared network or a mutual online cloud platform. This facilitates collaboration between different teams and makes reviewing and editing files much easier.

CAD Converted Are Easier to Store

Storing CAD converted files is much easier and quicker than storing hard copies. They are store online, eliminating the need for physical backups or hard copies. The easy storage within the software system also allows for quicker and easier access.  

In addition to easing the storage process, CAD converted files also help in bringing down storage costs. Since you can store your files digitally, you only end up using a portion of your storage hard drive. This frees up storage space that would otherwise be taken up by non-converted files, and is a much cheaper process than manual storage. Moreover, you can also reduce or even eliminate outsourcing costs for storage.

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CAD Converted Files Are Easier to Track

Once you’ve scanned and converted your CAD drawings, you can easily track them down using optical recognition and indexing features. One simply needs to use keyword searches to locate specific CAD files as and when required.

This is contrast to having to manually skim through each and every CAD file or searching through hard copy files to find the relevant drawing. The easier tracking also helps in identifying any misfiled or misplaced files.

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