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The 3 Common Architectural & Building Drawing Mistakes to Avoid

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While the shift toward 3D model-based drawings in the AEC industry has helped eliminate costly errors and speed up the design process, drawing mistakes may still happen. The good news is, these can be predicted and prevented through early intervention.

Here are some common architectural drawing mistakes to avoid.

Unnecessary Focus on Details in the Initial Stages

The structure and composition of architectural drawings are crucial for establishing a solid foundation for the design. Without these core drawing elements sorted, you can’t really proceed with the project and no amount of detailing in the drawings would make up for it.

Many times, drafters or contractors get lost in the details early on during the development process. Details are important, yes, but only once the structural components of the drawings have been taken care of. If you focus on detailing and finishing touches too soon, you’ll end up with beautifully rendered designs that will eventually have to be reworked extensively to incorporate the crucial missing components. If the design gets approved without proper inspection, you may even have to eradicate certain physical structural elements of your building that have been constructed already.

Incomplete Drawings

It may sound like a very basic mistake, but incomplete drawings are quite common in architectural projects and can lead to some serious errors and delays. This tends to happen when the drafter is relatively inexperienced, overburdened, isn’t provided with enough details regarding the design.

This is why it’s imperative that you hire highly professional and experienced CAD drafters for your project, especially if you’re aiming for a rather complex design. Experienced CAD drawing experts ensure that the architectural layouts and plans they present are complete and aren’t missing any key elements. They also ensure that the final sets of drawings have just the right amount of detailing included for immaculate results.

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Inconsistent Drawings

Another common mistake that often occurs during the drawing and design stage is inconsistency in the drawings. This is an easily preventable issue, and yet, one that occurs more frequently than it should. Since architectural and construction projects typically involve input from various different teams from different trades, the drawings and layouts often end up conflicting each other. This is especially likely to happen when projects are rushed or there is poor collaboration among the teams.

The solution? Hiring professional architectural drafting and project management services. The team at ADDMORE Services can help you with this. We outsource AutoCAD drawing, construction visualization and construction documentation services to improve efficiency and reduce errors. We also provide project management services across the globe, especially in the U.K., Republic Of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and the Middle East.

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