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The 5 Types of Construction Drawings

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If there’s one thing architects, engineers, and construction project workers can agree on, it’s on the significance of construction drawings. These visual plans are created using advanced digital tools and programs to accurately depict what a building is supposed to look like after it has been constructed.

Crucial for both public and private property development projects, construction drawings are extremely useful for showcasing cost estimates, installation materials, and other factors. Here’s a look at some of the most popular types of construction drawings used in the AEC industry.

Site Drawings

Also known as a site plan, a site drawing serves as a conceptual map of the construction site. This form of architectural drawing contains information about the various construction elements present near the site such as other buildings, roads, and monuments. The topographical elements surrounding the site are also taken into account and include land elevation and foliage.

Site drawings often suggest proposed changes that could be made to the area once the construction process is complete. For example, if your site drawing is for a building being made adjacent to a park, it would also include the park and any suggested changes that you may have for the area.

Structural Drawings

Structural drawings are used to specify which structural elements and reinforcements are needed to ensure that your building’s structure has the required strength. It includes details regarding the placements of new structures, the size of new structures, and the building materials of the reinforcements. Structural drawings may overlap with site drawings.

Perspective Drawings

Want a more in-depth glimpse of what your building would look like once it’s built? Perspective drawings can help you with this.

These drawings showcase the proposed structure in three dimensions. The 3D element helps give all parties involved in the construction process a more thorough understanding of the end results.

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HVAC & Sanitation Drawings

HVAC drawings are used when you need to take the centrally located ventilation system into consideration during the construction process. The drawings define the HVAC ducts and openings for the building being constructed.

Similarly, you also need a layout for your sanitation fixtures. These are covered in detail through sanitation drawings. All the details needed for your building’s pipes, bathroom fixtures, or other sanitation elements are included in these drawings.

Excavation Drawings

You also need an excavation plan for your building. This is where excavation drawings come handy. These drawings elaborate on potential tunneling or trenching needed at the site for creating exits and elevations.

Construction Visualization Services

Our team at ADDMORE helps contractors and builders streamline their construction projects by offering them comprehensive construction documentation services. We design and develop customized 2D and 3D construction drawings that are unique to each project and are crafted using the latest technology.

Get in touch with our experts today for more details about our construction visualization, CAD drawings, architectural drafting, and project management services. We help clients based in the U.S., the UK, Republic Of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East.


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