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The 4 Crucial Elements of an Architectural Drawing

architectural drawing of a building placed next to construction tools

Before you can proceed with your proposed construction project and establish that new office building for your business, you need a foolproof architectural drawing to back you up. This can be outsourced to CAD technicians who then draft a perfect architectural drawing for your project.

Here are a few components of an architectural drawing. 

Plot Layout

The plot layout is the first principal component of an architectural drawing. It portrays the site of construction and is produced after meticulous drafting by CAD experts. The plot layout covers all above-ground buildings present around the construction area, along with topographical features such as roads, parking lots, pathways, and natural landscapes.

Once these details have been accounted for, drafters can proceed to include the architectural details of the building being constructed, e.g., decks or extensions. Plot layouts or site plans need to be approved by local authorities before the construction work begins.

Floor Plan

Once the plot layout has been approved, drafting technicians add additional designs to the architectural drawing. The next component you need for your visual map is the floor plan for each building level.

Floor plans depict how spacious specific areas within the building would be. For example, they show how big your office building’s parking lot would be, how the rooms will be allotted on the first floor, and what the rooftop would look like. Floor plans are vital for multi-story buildings and also help project managers plan the budget. They’re also crucial for pitching your project to an investor or a property dealer and serve as the foundation for any additional architectural CAD drawings you create.

drafting technician creating an architectural drawing

Elevation Draft

Next up, you have the elevation draft. This provides a one-sided view (façade view) of the building proposed for construction. All of the different architectural elements are positioned along a vertical axis and depict the heights and other vertical dimensions.

CAD technicians can only create elevations once they have a solid floor plan. The drafts are made separate from the floor plan but refer to the latter for structural precision and design. The windows, doors, porch, and ceilings are included in the draft, along with decorative features like columns, moldings, cornices, and sculptures.

Section Blueprint

Another critical component of an architectural drawing is the section blueprint. It displays the building levels and heights in a cut-out view. All the different spaces outlined in earlier drawings are placed on top of one another to form a complete building design.

Section blueprints are used to determine the various MEP systems that need to be included in the building. They help calculate where the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be placed once the construction work begins.

Construction Visualization Services

Our team at ADDMORE helps contractors and builders streamline their construction projects via our comprehensive construction documentation services. We design and develop customized 2D and 3D CAD drawings that are unique to each project and are crafted using the latest technology.

Get in touch with us today for more details about our architectural drafting, CAD drawings, construction visualization, and project management services. We help clients based in the U.S., the UK, Republic Of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East.



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