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Shop Drawings Vs. As-Built Drawings Vs. Construction Drawings: What You Need To Know


Every professional who works in the AEC industry must have stumbled upon the terms ‘shop drawings’, ‘As-built drawings,’ and ‘construction drawings.’ Ever wondered what they mean? Let us look at each phrase briefly to understand better what makes each of them different.

Different Types Of Drawings

Construction Drawings

Every project in the real estate industry passes through multiple phases before the construction commences. One particular phase during the designing stage includes architectural drawings and specifications that are essential for the construction. The graphic and written records of decisions made during this phase are collectively known as working or construction drawings.

They are essential lifelines of any project as they drive a streamlined communication among the designers, on-site workers, and builders in regards to the required changes. Plus, it is better to draw and redraw the working drawings rather than wasting time and resources by repeatedly building and wrecking structures.

Shop Drawings

First things first, construction drawings involve structures or buildings as a whole. In contrast, shop drawings relate more to the various components used in the building. Shop drawings encompass the details of multiple elements that aid in the project’s construction. They are like a step-by-step manual prepared by subcontractors, contractors, fabricators, material suppliers, or product manufacturers.

While both shop and construction drawings are done before the project’s construction begins, shop drawings essentially supplement the working drawings like a detailed add-on development of the initial construction drawings.

Getting construction and shop drawings in place helps get two birds with one stone. This is how.

1. With precise shop drawings in hand, all the designers, contractors, manufacturers, and construction project managers in the team will be on the same page.

2. You will be able to understand the building’s components, installations, design, and other particular details inside out, way before the construction commences.

construction drawings

As-Built Drawings

Since shop and construction drawings both undergo several revisions, it can lead to certain discrepancies in the final drawings or the building. Fundamentally, as-built plans are like a final draft and include every change made during the execution or planning phase of the project.

Why Are As-Built Drawings Crucial?

Constructions do not always stick to the original plans, and these documents reflect the final structure – not the way it was initially conceived but what it has been developed into. Experts reveal that as-build drawings are critical for construction projects. Here is why.

· They offer insights into safety by analyzing hazards and processing safety management, such as installing safety equipment, developing emergency evacuation routes, and other contingency plans, ensuring that they are achieved easily.

· As only the final installed components in the erected construction are present in these documents, they facilitate repairs, maintenance work, and renovations in the future.

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