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Should You Outsource Project Management?

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Minimized risk and maximized efficiency are two of the most common benefits of hiring a specialist construction project manager as part of your construction project management team.

Hiring them full-time means having individuals on board who may be well-versed in permits, regulations, software, staffing requirements and expertise in handling stakeholders. Then why outsource construction project management instead of keeping all the work in-house?

Have a look at some key benefits of outsourcing project management.

#1 Wealth Of Industry Experience

Professionals that mainly work with outsourcing companies boast a long resume with experience of working on several projects within a wide range of industries. They are well-versed with the standards of different industries and have multiple lessons up their sleeves that they can use in many situations. These professionals are also more likely to have exposure to different cutting-edge technologies and solutions to aid the successful, efficient and timely completion of your project.

#2 Mitigates The Hassles Associated With Hiring Full-Time In-House Employees

As a business owner, you might not know much about the intricacies of construction management. It might take a lot of guesswork when you interview applicants in an attempt to understand if the individual you are thinking of hiring really does understand the field inside out.

Outsourcing means not having to deal with internal conflicts, employee benefits, all-year-round salaries even when not working on any project, and many other hassles. The business will not even have to worry about overhead costs, such as a designated workspace, software, tools, and other logistics surrounding the rights in-house employees may have under federal or state laws.

Dealing with potential legal claims is not exactly what any business owner would want as a liability for their organization; hence outsourcing is the answer for every employer looking to alleviate extra overhead costs and risks associated with hiring an in-house consultant.

#3 Streamlined Communication

Thorough and open communication is the key to the success of any construction project. Having worked with several people within the AEC industry, the communication skills of these experts get polished. They ensure timely updates about every stage of the project, from start to completion, with critical details that reassure the clients while building a robust relationship and a strong, positive reputation for the businesses.

project manager discussing drawings with client

#4 A Fresh Viewpoint

Working with an in-house team often narrows down the focus. Experts working in the AEC industry reveal that working with external project managers helps bring in a fresh perspective and enables contractors to enjoy an optimized project efficiency in innovative and unique ways that they might not have imagined.

#5 Lower Costs, Higher Savings

Outsourcing construction project management brings effective, state-of-the-art solutions to a business without paying for extensive training for employees who will need to spend a significant number of hours in sessions where they can be trained.

Billable hours offered by credible outsourcing companies also means that you are not paying employees for wasted hours spent on personal phone calls or water-cooler and smoking-break conversations.

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