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How Can a Material Take-Off Service Help You?

how can a material take-off service help you?

Material take-off is a vital step in the pre-construction planning process, a crucial phase in all small- and large-scale residential and commercial construction projects.

Contractors worldwide are beginning to understand the importance of hiring estimators who specialize in material take-offs to minimize expenses, maximize efficiency and profits while mitigating potential risks.

Let us jump right into the wide range of important benefits of gaining access to a reliable take-off estimating service for your next projects that may be in the pipeline.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Take-Off Services

Competitive Edge In Pricing

AEC industry is probably one of the most competitive industries globally, which means the numbers you quote to your clients during bidding opportunities for any given project matter the most.

Very often, contractors quote prices based on a limited experience in the given field; for example, having worked in a particular project for a nursing home makes them quote a similar price to the client based on the square feet for another project. In reality, storey heights or the type of scaffolding may differ significantly and cost higher, so it can lead to either underpriced or overpriced quotations.  

Apart from significant financial losses, inaccurate pricing also makes the client feel the contractor does not have the required know-how. This is why a detailed take-off is crucial for every project to determine the actual square footage, the cubic meter of concrete pouring, counts of the drywall sheet, and more.

Newfound Opportunities For Prompt And Accurate Bids

Responsible contractors who take their time to estimate the appropriate construction costs before pitching can save a lot of precious energy and time by outsourcing the task to a reliable take-off service with a fast turnaround time.

This also means contractors will have more time to discover additional work and bid on bigger projects while building robust relationships rather than spending time worrying whether particular timelines are met.

Bid Au Revoir To The Hassles Of Full-Time Hiring

Hiring a large full-time team of take-off estimators is not only expensive, etc., but the resources could have been better utilized more efficiently elsewhere. Outsourcing the estimation tasks leads to lowered overhead costs, including workspace, computers, employee and retirement benefits, paying full-time employees regardless of slow periods… the list goes on and on!

In a nutshell, material take-off services guarantee utmost professionalism with a team of experts that specialize in particular areas, such as specialists in joinery, material take-offs, etc. They have an experience of providing fast and accurate services that are constantly evolved according to the industry developments.

drawing instruments above cad drawing in a white paper

If you are looking to outsource construction take-off services to a reputable company, consider professionals at ADDMORE Services. Our team has an added edge of working on construction projects of numerous different industries.

They are well-versed with the best practices of managing and executing successful construction project management while optimizing efficiency and ensuring quality control with a reliable digital estimating software such as PlanSwift and on screen take off.

Besides meticulous take-off estimating services, we also offer architectural and product rendering, 2D CAD Drafting services, architectural 3D visualization services, BIM services, blueprints for houses, floor plan renderings, construction project manager, construction cost estimates, and other comprehensive services.

Contact us to learn more about our pricing solutions. Our top-notch services are available for clients globally, but mainly in the USA, UK, Republic Of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand And The Middle East.

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