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BIM Design: 4 Compelling Reasons To Use It For Architectural Projects

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) has definitely revolutionized the way Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry works. At the initial stages, architecture designers use BIM services to provide a presentation with an accurate design that can be constantly updated according to the situation’s requirement.

When all data comes together in a collation, it can be used for construction project management, including analysis, coordination, takeoffs, construction cost estimates, bidding, and milestone setting.

BIM also helps sell a concept before it has been completed. It condenses a plethora of information and encapsulates all minor details required to understand every project’s detail. Even long after the final construction, it acts as a tool that can help owners use it as a reference to inform maintenance teams or make other decisions.

BIM empowers the collaborative spirit of everyone involved while giving exceptionally accurate insights about a project’s design, its functionality, construction, and tools to manage infrastructures more efficiently.

Reasons To Choose Cutting-Edge BIM Technology

Reason #1: Best Possible Accuracy

The key aspect of BIM is the accurate geometrical design of a project’s elements in an integrated data environment.

It features technical data and intelligence involving multiple systems and construction materials. BIM technology also enables estimating construction costs more accurately than traditional evaluations.

Reason #2: Effective Pre-Construction Evaluations Due To Variety Of Available Dimensions

Projects designed in BIM can feature up to eight dimensions, which means a more profound level of understanding can be built of the project.

Some dimensions help find costs, performance, safety, and sustainability of the project, while others help predict accurate shifts in scope, material, equipment, and manpower.

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Reason #3: Nurtures A Prolific Collaboration

BIM encourages an efficient and conceptual interaction of all professionals involved in the project, facilitating the distribution of expertise, experience, and knowledge in a timely manner.

Reason #4: Predicts The Sustainability Of The Project

Since its efficiency-oriented by nature, BIM takes the domain a step beyond traditional methods and concentrates on getting a clear understanding of the entire cost of a project, and suggests the best ways to spend money while reaching sustainability.

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