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What Is Construction Project Management & How Can It Help You?


Construction projects are typically exceedingly structured endeavors, regardless of whether it is a single-dwelling residence or a colossal shopping mall.

They comprise many phases, from planning, designing to scheduling and monitoring the construction and promoting collaboration and communication among all stakeholders; there are many exponentially complex procedures involved in delivering a high-quality project to clients within budget and on time.

CPM: A Brief Overview

Although generally, project management could be defined as managing resources over the project life cycle using several methodologies or tools to control the project’s cost, quality, time, scope, and more—construction project management (CPM) specifically requires a broader outlook and skillset.

As the ultimate goal of CPM is to provide optimum satisfaction to clients for every viable project both in terms of budget and functionality, the role of the construction project manager involves regulating, directing, and supervising a project from its inception to completion.

Keys To Effectual CPM

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#1 Strategic Planning

Detailed planning is crucial for the successful execution of easy as well as complex projects. It helps maximize efficiency while providing a roadmap that enables timely completion of the project and staying within the set budgets.

The planning process includes defining goals, developing deliverables, and establishing achievable milestones. It also involves determining how much labor will be required, what equipment will be used, whether the building materials are scheduled.

It also requires coordinating with the subcontractors and establishing communication and safety plans while conducting a risk assessment to mitigate issues by creating an efficient response plan.

#2 Monitoring Progress

Construction projects are typically derailed by countless minor problems rather than one major issue. CPM involves keeping an eye on progress reports and carefully analyzing and managing risks that may affect schedules or budgets.

This helps mitigate any potential delays or risks by identifying the root cause, such as a dip in productivity or late material delivery. Once the problem is identified, appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure the project stays on track.

#3 Effective Communication

Research reveals that effective communication enhances teamwork and results in an improved collaboration that leads to minimal problems down the road. Multiple contract documents, such as specifications, progress reports, drawings, RFI’s, and change order forms affect the establishment and basis for construction communications.

A construction project manager helps ensure no direct communication with proper authorization results in any changes made to the schedule or the scope without proper channels and documentation while maintaining a consistent flow of information to ensure vital information is reaching the right people promptly.

#4 Facilitating Collaboration

Effective collaboration requires more than just ensuring the tasks are being completed on schedule. It involves ensuring everyone is on the same page by building a relationship based on respect and trust with all stakeholders and coordinating to improve productivity.

While experts suggest getting team members involved in the planning stage can yield better results as they can share ideas and channel their problem-solving skills, technological advancements have significantly impacted CMP over the last decade. Smartphones, cloud-based software, and Building Information Modeling services have made planning, monitoring, communicating, and collaborating easier.


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