What Is E-Design?! Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Virtual Interior Designer

interior design sketch

Conceptually, e-design is the latest revolution in the world of architectural designing and fundamentally includes providing top-notch interior design services but entirely online. It is an affordable, simple, and safer (considering the importance of social distancing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic) alternative to the traditional interior designing facilities as the service is provided by virtual interior designers.

The technology has enabled architecture designers everywhere to collaborate with interior designers anywhere in the world, without the extra added travel costs or worrying about the boundary issues or location. Thanks to the digital age’s glorious technological advancements, anyone can now avail of interior designing services without a designer having to set foot in the client’s premises.

Let us take a look at why e-design is all the rage in this day and age.

What Makes E-Design Such An Attractive Option?


E-design is time-efficient as it has a quicker turnaround time than the traditional tedious interior designing. The virtual interior designer usually uptakes one room at a time so that the clients can get started on setting their space sooner and much quicker.  

Flat Fee

Most outsourcing companies offer a flat rate fee for e-designing services, and there is no surprise, or rather a shock, which results in having to pay hidden extra costs at the end of the project, such as admin costs, travel expenses, and other overhead costs.


Somethings should indeed be left to experts to handle, but this virtual collaboration with a professional designer allows room for the client to be part of the process.

As a client, you will be the one taking measurements and photos of the space you want to revamp or decorate. Some designers also welcome inspirational photos if you have already got something in mind about how your dream space should look once it is completed.

virtual e-design


Apart from having to pay a one-time, flat fee for the e-design, the service is relatively more cost effective as clients do some part of the legwork, such as handling orders, taking measurements, etc., so clients do not have to pay for those things.

As a result, clients can save significant amounts of money, which means they have funds left for other spaces or to increase their Furniture, Fixtures &Equipment budget.

No Pressure

As soon as the virtual interior designer hands over the final designs to a client, they are free to shop at their own pace and convenience. This means it is entirely up to them whether they want to order everything at once, wait a few weeks, or buy one thing at a time.

Traditional interior design projects often enforce purchasing decisions, timelines, and can increase the risk to exceed the client’s budget, making the overall project cost more than expected. In contrast, reputable virtual interior designing services work stringently according to the client’s budgets until they are instructed by the Client to exceed the budget with formally written instructions.

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