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3 Ways To Cut Costs With E-Design

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Get the Interior Design at the price that you have always wanted with e-design. It is a full service of interior design professionally offered virtually. Do you want an e-design service for your high-end residential home or a luxurious business but on a strict budget? There are many ways to cut costs with e-design.

The first way is to prepare for the consultation to avoid missing some details that can lead to multiple revisions on the plan and design during the process. The first step on how it works is the consultation directly with your preferred interior designer or a company who can manage the project for you physically or virtually. An e-design consultation usually takes 30to 60 minutes of discussion and negotiations regarding your list of requirements, your questionary should answer these questions:

A. What is the type of this project?

There are many types of interior design projects, these include hospitality,residential, commercial, medical,renovation or adaptive reuse, and even marine. ADDMORE services have excellent experience in high-end materials such as wood finishes,dazzling mother-of-pearl surfaces, inlays made of gold leaf and authentic leather.

B. How much is your budget for this project?

A realistic budget should be considered for the project and many designers have a minimum budget per room before they accept the work. The advantages of e-design are the fees are fixed per room and not as a percentage of the budget value.


C. What is the interior design that you like?

Art deco, asian, classic, contemporary, industrial, modern farmhouse, luxurious, scan dinavian, transitional, etc. ADDMORE services specialize in all interior design but focus on high-end and luxurious projects.

The second way is to study design and plan proposals. The point of carefully understanding the proposals is again, to cut cost in revisions, this is true because additional cost usually is about how much is the revisions that you require, of course, this is not free as some interior designers or companies have terms on the agreements, for example, one initial design concept board online with two allowed revisions only.

During the design concept stage, you may want to take your time knowing and understanding the mood board and the design and plan proposals especially furniture layout because you do not want to spend a valuable amount of money on items that you will not need in the end.


Some companies offer a 3D rendering of the finished project before proceeding with design implementation. ADDMORE services offer add-ons such as 360virtual reality view to give you a more realistic perspective of the entire project.The final solution to cut costs with e-design is to talk to your interior designer or project manager. E-design includes support on where you can directly message your designer or project manager whenever you have questions about the proposals, design,and purchases before approval. You must be also updated with the latest progress of the project, this can be through the preferred application of your choice be it WhatsApp, skype, etc. to send in pictures or videos for documentation purposes.

ADDMORE project management team has compiled e-design virtual full has compiled e-design virtual full services packages and themes. To find out more,check this blog on our website Why you should consider ADDMORE project Management, AutoCAD drafting, and quantify surveying services for your high-end residential and hospitality projects.

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