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Why you should consider ADDMORE Project Management, AutoCAD drafting and quantity surveying services for your high end residential and hospitality projects


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Why you should consider ADDMORE Project Management, AutoCAD drafting and quantity surveying services for your high end residential and hospitality projects​

    Whether on water or on land, owners of exceptionally luxurious spaces always expect one thing an team that can meet their strict requirements and high expectations for quality in work and service.

    Our team having worked on Superyacht projects bring skillsets to high end luxury residential and hospitality projects that you should consider and help you to select ADDMORE services for your project.

    When it comes to exclusive apartments and homes, few people think of a partner with yacht sector experience first. But in fact, luxury yacht experienced teams have exactly what it takes to meet all the requirements of the exclusive property sector: Established structures and processes, expert technical knowledge of exceptional craftsmanship, a passion for stunning interiors and the understanding to see every detail – combined with a strong ability to realize their ideas.

    Designers, architects and project developers working on luxury residences can therefore only benefit from the comprehensive expertise and flair for high-class interior projects that a experienced yacht interiors
    team can provide.

    When it comes to the interior of the most exclusive luxury yachts, no desire is too extravagant, no dream too big, no plans too far-fetched. The technical challenges and strict design demands of this work
    drive the top outfitters in this sector to peak performance when it comes to artisan and engineering skill. For years, this sector has demanded creative, extraordinary interior solutions.

    So why not make use of this expertise and innovative spirit in the exclusive building construction sector as well.

    Six reasons why you should consider ADDMORE Superyacht interior experience to be your luxury quality team partner

    1. Optimal use of space

    The architecture of a yacht is unique – and the ideas from its designer and owner are often unusual. This requires innovative interior solutions. The task: To create incredibly attractive yet functional living
    spaces, overcoming any challenges due to the available space, height of the room or technical specifications. From every angle, everything – even the smallest detail – must be high-quality and deserving of its place on show. All components must fit together perfectly, down to the millimeter.

    Sophisticated engineering and an unmistakable flair for shape, aesthetics and functionality are key here. These are skills that ADDMORE teams use every day, making them the perfect partner for extraordinary luxury homes on land as well as water.

    2. Innovative engineering

    Tailor-made, multi-functional items of furniture are the “hidden champions” on board all luxury yachts – in every sense. Engineers of yacht interior outfitters are constantly faced with new challenges:
    Integrable multimedia applications, onboard equipment hidden behind swiveling cabinets, sophisticated sliding mechanisms or furniture that can be converted for a new purpose quickly and easily.

    A smart, modern interior designed in this way is adaptable, flexible and offers real added value for the owner. What‘s more, it keeps up with the current housing design trends, both on water and on land.

    3. Excellent workmanship

    Exclusive wood, dazzling mother-of-pearl surfaces, inlays made of gold leaf and covers made of leather – when it comes to the rich design of a luxury yacht, the sky is the limit. The same is true for private villas
    and apartments. Customers in this sector also want their very own living experience.

    ADDMORE services are experts in implementing specific requests and have the technical expertise and supplier network required to ensure that the work is coordinated and executed to the highest standards.

    4. Realization of ideas

    Clients do not just want tailor-made, exclusive furnishings; they also want the solutions required to provide these furnishings to be unique. No two projects are ever the same. But no matter how demanding the
    designer ‘s and owner ‘s wishes may be, regardless of whether they are on land or water, the extravagant designs must be set out and revised until they are ready to become reality.

    This process involves our engineers, technicians and craftsmen who have a passion for finding solutions and making customers ‘dreams come.

    5. Expert project management

    From motor yachts to private homes – projects in the luxury sector are always complex. A broad range of contact persons and suppliers must be coordinated and the project must run smoothly every time – without compromising on deadlines or budget targets. To achieve these ambitious goals,
    the project needs precise planning, continuous quality checks and flexible project management.

    ADDMORE Services specialize in realizing demanding projects in the interior design sector and can offer customers everything they need to implement project controls on their work

    We know how important it is to have good communication channels. After all, when teamwork goes well, the results are always better.

    6. Utmost discretion

    Anything goes when it comes to designing yacht interiors. Even, if the owner wishes, keeping everything a secret. Discretion and confidentiality are cornerstones of the luxury yacht sector. The yachts
    themselves cannot be overlooked, of course – but ensuring the customer ‘s privacy always takes top priority. ADDMORE services Project-specific data and details are only shared within a small group of trusted people and suppliers, from the first draft through to handover.

    Owners of luxury residences know how valuable these principles are.

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Colin is a highly experienced Professional Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager with over three decades in the International construction and Marine Industry.

He is a specialist in the fit out sector having executed many prestigious, Luxury high quality and Technically Complex Projects.

He is also a creative writer having penned many industry related articles.

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