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Outsourcing is the

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outsourcing is the solution. act now

Outsourcing is the Solution. ACT now.

    We see it all the time, businesses are doing great and securing work, but they are outgrowing their office, facilities, and their management processes.

    The staff are flat out just trying to get the work done and inexperienced in the newer and bigger environment the company’s success has placed them in.

    With expansion an increase in fixed overheads is going hand in hand including the human resources department & recruitment fees are all going up. As a result, human resources staff become overburdened and under more pressure than they are used to and that starts taking strain on them and their performance.
    Also, skill sets for bigger business might be missing, it’s a different game and sometimes that means new players are necessary.

    We have been called in to review policy and process in outwardly very experienced and long standing small to medium sized companies. It was shocking and surprising to see the lack of appropriate planning for the business growth in terms of its policies and processes.

    We found the same issue time and time again, long standing employees are resistant to change, regularly hearing statements such as: “we have always done it this way” or “we did it like that on our last project” .

    We repeatedly tell the owners to ACT as many procrastinate when change is involved.

    A. Action
    C. Changes
    T. Things

    We look at the existing policy procedure, and workflows and find repeatedly:

    • Minimal automation in place and information technology not properly supported.

    • Outdated Manuals, not updated and not even issued to new staff.

    • Policies are not current with legislation and no gate keeper of policy updates assigned.

    • Workflows lack visual presentation and are outdated with no updates recorded or issued for revision records.

    • Filing is different by each person with no master filing system in place – this is a disaster as so hard to find information and makes support for claims longer and harder to piece together unless you are Sherlock Holmes

    • Drawing registers, RFI, Material Submittal and Change Order logs missing, incomplete or just don’t exist. All this we find left to individual managers just for their jobs and all do it differently and no company standardization in place.

    Yes, it’s amazing how the basics get overlooked when putting out fires daily. With no time allocated to these items until a claim is to be submitted and the scramble for documentation starts.

    We at ADDMORE Services can do a discreet and respectful review of your policy, process, and manuals. Providing a confidential report to the ownership with proposals for actions to be taken.

    Do not delay, ACT now. Outsourcing is the solution, contact us. ADDMORE Services are ready to help you with our years of industry experience in managing offices, facilities, and logistics for construction businesses.

    We can help you, team partner with us and join the thinkers outside the box and outsource.

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Colin is a highly experienced Professional Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager with over three decades in the International construction and Marine Industry.

He is a specialist in the fit out sector having executed many prestigious, Luxury high quality and Technically Complex Projects.

He is also a creative writer having penned many industry related articles.

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