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Business as Normal in the OUTSOURCE world

Here we are in 2021 and its far from Business as Normal for lots of people, For ADDMORE services we were born out of this Pandemic and as such zoom meetings, working from home, no handshakes, limited site visits are all part of our Normal routine.

There is good and bad in this and obviously the bad includes:

  • Less person-to-person contact
  • Stress working in a noisy family environment with interruptions from the dog and kids
  • No commute home to destress from the days work
  • Work runs over more into family time unless good time management applied
  • Less Job Site visits to keep in touch with the craftsmen and loss of the bricks and mortar physical touch and just great buzz that a busy building site has
  • More inactivity as no walks around the office and chats with colleagues

The good however is there for all to benefit from:

  • More solitude to focus on the details
  • Family support and quality family time
  • Less commuting travel hence reduced expenses of trains, Gas, Tolls etc.
  • Travel time provides opportunity for exercise. Family time and hobbies
  • Work/Life balance improved
  • Better appreciation for what we have

However, as I started off, we at ADDMORE started our company in this crazy time of COVID.

It’s impact on how we all work together is part of our daily routine having established our business to operate in such a time efficiently and professionally.

The good thing here is we are properly in place with

  • Home working remote-based staff as our normal routine
  • Good communication protocols in place
  • Technology utilized to suit the online working
  • Policies and processes in place to manage the environment we now work in
  • Safety for our staff and others always being a number one priority
  • Expat staff who have worked globally and interacted with suppliers and subcontractors from around the globe so familiar with best online and remote management controls

I believe the “Business as Normal “tag for ADDMORE is a big support to companies who have been more traditional in the past i.e. less reliant on software’s, project controls, remote conference meetings and very in person orientated etc.

We can offer our proposals of how to work as a team remotely and utilize the technology fully that is available to us today from ZOOM to PlanGrid, plan swift and many greater tools for us to use and ensure good communication with a clear audit trail on transmittals and online or cloud access to store data for the Project.

We are a team of expats all now based in our home country or country of choice however all of us have worked in different states or overseas and are by nature people who embrace the different in life be it culture, food, weather or way of working

Change is normal in a expat life, change of home, food, location, friends and we enjoy the change and appreciate all the differences this beautiful world and her people has to share

We are ready for the changes needed now to ensure “Business as Usual” remains part of our philosophy going forward to face and manage whatever comes next.

Our experience globally has prepared us to be ready for this new normal and please CONTACT US we can help support your team in what is a challenging time for many.

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Colin is a highly experienced Professional Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager with over three decades in the International construction and Marine Industry.

He is a specialist in the fit out sector having executed many prestigious, Luxury high quality and Technically Complex Projects.

He is also a creative writer having penned many industry related articles.

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