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CHAPTER 2: Scalability

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Chapter 2: Considerations - Scalability

Scalability is a characteristic of an organization, system, model or function that describes its capability to cope and perform well under an increased or expanding workload or scope.

We have all been in the position where the market peaks and several major bids are required in the same time frame and we are interested to bid them all.

We all have had tight deadlines to achieve on submitting shop drawings to maintain the contract schedule.

These are two examples of where OUTSOURCING and SCALABILITY is of tremendous benefit to Builders, Fit out Contractors and Specialist subcontractors i.e., Drywall, Millwork, Dimensional Stone and tiling.

To review Large volumes of shop drawings and clean sheet them can stretch the resources of any Architect or Interior Design team.

To increase Fixed Overheads for a short time frame is not feasible considering finding suitable staff and the cost of hiring and possibly firing if the workflow returns to a more normal incoming status.

If you have a Outsource team partner you can manage the peaks and ensure the takes offs and drafting laborious work is done timeously leaving your team to focus on the Core strengths of your business.
In today’s world Post COVID-19 the Outsourcing Model and Remote working is more familiar to us all and the Technology is available for virtual meetings that can make the necessity of large expensive offices not to be a necessary requirement with the huge overhead that goes with that.

Scalability provides the ability for a company to withstand pressure as a result of growth,without being hindered by its resources or structure.

For a business to be scalable it must focus on improving the profitability and efficiency of services even when its workload increases.

Improvement in Profitability and efficiency generate from the core of the business structure and workflow strategy.

Therefore, the leaders must understand all the options available to them and run their operation maximizing the benefits from the likes of outsourcing and the scalability that creates for their business
Scalability is directly linked to to the future, investment, and growth of any company.
Scalability also matters because growth in business means you are working with more resources, data and Clients. If you do not have the way to handle these increases, you can lose efficiency, or the quality of your service. That can lead to poor client relations and impact your business reputation and Profitability.

Small businesses need to be looking at Scalability seriously as they are the companies that will face the most growth and have limited resources in place.

Outsourcing with a team partner approach can be the first step in being prepared to scale your business and manage your business to its optimum Efficiency and Profitability.

The information provided above is general in nature, has been prepared for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. All parties need to evaluate their specific project conditions, contract, local codes and ordinances and contact their attorney or consultant to understand and apply these and other general principles for their project. The information is intended but not guaranteed to be correct, complete, and up-to-date. No representations or warranties are made, express or implied, that this information is correct, complete, or up-to-date.

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