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Outsourcing to Overcome the Hurdles of the New Normal

Fortunately, it is possible to overcoming the worrisome dilemmas posed by the non-availability of reliable skilled staff for projects, exaggerated by today’s uncertain and unpredictable conditions.

Outsourcing to Overcome the Hurdles of the New Normal

I am sure we are all aware of the complexities of juggling the multi-faceted and interlocked aspects to manage our projects in a professional and timely manner. However, how many of us were prepared for these uniquely trying times and the disruption, nay even devastating impact, to both the international and domestic business community by the current worldwide brutal pandemic? You would need to be a wizard with the standing of Gandalf the Great to have foreseen in advance the effect on your planning and project activities by this borderless pandemic and its caustic consequences. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, furlough, layoffs, shut down, self-isolation, project suspensions and enforced working from home are some of the thorny hurdles which have combined to frustrate and perplex our efforts to coordinate, communicate and move forward with business in these difficult and testing times.

Even many of the world’s largest corporate businesses and governmental structures have been thrown off-kilter by the uncertainty and have been forced to review, revise and re-strategize, sometimes even on a daily basis, in an attempt to manage and coordinate the multi-faceted needs in both domestic and international business. As once-reliable resources are diminished and pressures accrue, the combination of needing to maintain skilled staff and the uncertainty of their availability, because of imposed social restrictions, makes it even more difficult to hold together these specialised skill requirements essential for driving a flourishing business.

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Fortunately, it is possible to overcome the worrisome dilemmas posed by the non-availability of reliable skilled staff for projects, exaggerated by today’s uncertain and unpredictable conditions. By Outsourcing the specialist mandatory tasks that tend to eat up far too much supervision time and overstretch limited resources, management is able to free up valuable time to concentrate on core business skills and maximize the use of limited available in-house resources.

Client Benefits of Outsourcing

Very importantly, outsourcing leads to client cost saving by relieving a company of the many problems that invariably accompany the need for expert staff for limited-term deployment.

  • The pre-costing of outsourcing allows for accurate budget control through the term of the project
  • Clients can concentrate efforts on their core business tasks with the confidence that their interests are being attended expeditiously by dedicated professionals
  • It negates the need for training timelines, as experienced outsourced staff can hit the ground running and reduce delay risks.
  • The client has direct access and support to a pool of accumulated international professional expertise
  • The large portion of project management can be borne by the contracted outsourced professionals
  • Clients can confidently allocate more effort and time to other ongoing or future projects


ADDMORE SERVICES LLC is able to provide specialised Outsourced professional expertise to support businesses in the execution of high-end construction and interior finishing sector.

Professional experience has been honed over 30+ years in high-end interiors for VVIP and Blue Chip clientele in the USA, Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East, and is enhanced with associate specialists worldwide.

Professional advice and application are provided in the following fields and sectors:

  • Architectural drafting and CAD Workshop Drawings
  • Detailing of bespoke joinery and stone drawings and cut-sheets
  • 3D Modeling
  • Rendering and Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing
  • Quantity Surveying on/offsite inspection and BOQ detailing
  • Project Management and Contract Administration
  • Claims and Cost Control services
  • Quality Control and Inspection
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Bernard C. Dagnall, CIPM

6th October 2020

Bernard is a highly experienced professional Project Manager with credentials earned over a span of 35 years with VVIP Clientele and Blue-Chip brands in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East. He is also a creative writer having penned many industry-related articles and blogs.

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